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David and Carolyn Gabbe - Long-Term EVEN Members, Donors, Supporters and Presenters

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Ivy Rose - EVEN Member, Adorable, Healthy, and Veg!

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Jason - Long Term EVEN Supporter and Donor presents to EVEN, "Juices and Smoothies 101"

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Yes, sometimes unusual things happen after a switch to a vegetarian diet. I've seen a number of cases in which the poor people broke out in violent attacks of good health, followed by bouts of physical exercise and sweet thoughts. - Anonymous

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Lin, I just want you to know that in my opinion, the work that you do with EVEN is thee most important of all. Veganism (and the ethics behind it) is the evolution that we need to set humanity on the best path. EVEN is my number one group that I support along with spay/neuter. I am fully aware of how much you accomplish with very little help financially and otherwise and I know you make every dollar stretch....Congrats on EVEN's 13th Annual Thanksgiving vegan potluck....Just wanted to thank you and Robert for all of your hard work---you two are my heroes.- Love, Cheryl

art by Nora

Thanks for all that you do for our community (including animals)! - Jess and Nora

Hi Lin. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive and reluctant to go on the field trip to Ahimsa Acres [because of my previous experiences with permaculture] ...but Dale and Sandy were the real deal. I admire what they did on a very small plot of land, and that they did almost all of it themselves. Thanks again for the invite. - Dick

Thank you so very much for taking our case upon yourself and making a solution when none seemed forthcoming. Though we lost a great friend, we are secure in knowing that he has landed in a safe home. That is such a huge relief. I'm certain we would not have found him a place without you. - Best wishes, Marc and Eunhee

Thank you sooooo much Lin for your great service to Life & for also assisting me in this endeavor. I greatly appreciate your assistance. bless you :) - Benjamin a devoted 5 year vegan (7/4/17)

Lin, you and Robert and EVEN volunteers are the absolute best! Thank you for answering all our questions and for offering the encouragement we needed just at the right time. Love you forever! - Cassie

I've seen the light! And thanks to EVEN I think I can make the changeover to veganism more easily than I ever dreamed. I go to the website frequently for inspiration (thank you Robert!) and I have all the recipes and nutrition info I need (thank you Lin). Terry's on board and so are the kids and we are ready to change everything we eat to plant-based and keep it healthy. Your emphasis on whole foods vs processed was a big lightbulb, Lin, and I am so grateful for all the time you spent with us. THANK YOU! - Christine

Thanks to EVEN and its founder Lin, for the generous donation that allowed FAH to move... build structures, and stay afloat during an unexpected move of all of the critters in 2016. The best organization EVER! Thanks for the donation and the assistance when FAH needed it the most! Just wanted to message you again and thank you for all you have done for Farm Animal Haven. We've settled in nicely to a 4+ acre place just across from Saginaw Vineyard, with room to spare for more critters. With your help, I have put up a chicken coop, a nice shelter for the sheep, a food and tool storage shed, and have been able to treat Amy (the lamb) and Sadie for their ailments. We're not finished settling in, but the sheep love their new 2 acre pasture with a beautiful mountain view. ...Lots of love and gratitude....I'm elated that I was able to stay close to Eugene/Cottage Grove, and life will be good from here. Lots of love to you! - Tina Volpe, Farm Animal Haven

Dear Lin, We are so profoundly grateful for your support of Lighthouse. Because of you and EVEN, we've been able to provide safe shelter, nutritious food and quality vet care to our 180 residents. You are truly a hero! We are so honored to know you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything! - Gwen Jakubisin, Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Scio, OR

Lin and Robert, You two are the amazing and giving ones and I appreciate everything you do. - Carla G.

I have only lived in Eugene for roughly six months now, and in the past two months, Lin and her organization have made me feel more at home than I ever have. As a Journalism student at the UO, I came to Lin for help with one of my projects without knowing what she and EVEN were all about. I have never met someone so compassionate, loving, and willing to help a stranger in my entire life. EVEN has inspired me to help others and to help our animal friends by being a voice for the creatures that do not have one. - Megan H., University of Oregon

Dear Lin, Thanks for all you do to promote the vegan cause! - Lise

Thank you for all you have given us and done for us. You have great generosity of spirit! - Caroline and Tim

Thank you for all you do, Lin. You're the best. - Dick

Hi, Guys! Thank you once again for having such a profound influence on my life! You both are the reason I became vegan and it has truly changed me for the better. Not just the eating part either---the compassion. You are wonderful souls! Love, JoAnne

The work you are doing is very important! You made a huge difference in our family and we are forever grateful. Thank you! - The Richards Clan

Lin, It's really fabulous what you and Robert and your EVEN volunteers do to get out the vegan word to everyone. I liked all the recipes you gave us and we have been cooking a lot ever since. You are making the world a little better every day and we appreciate all your hard work. Blessings to you and EVEN! - Adam and Sharleen

Lin, ...thank you for the generous and needed education work you do around this issue. I am so glad to support EVEN.... Thanks, Larry

Dear Lin and Robert - We wanted to send you our thanks for the veg starter kit and the other magazines. You have been so generous. It is such a big help to learn about vegan nutrition and all the possible meals we can make. We are already feeling so much better. Henry and I are both losing weight, but he's off his medication and that is a dream come true for us. Thank you! Thank EVEN! Thank Veganism! - Warmest Regards, Walt

Thank you Lin for all that you do. You and your husband are such an inspiration and light. - Emily

Hi Lin, It's always great to hear from you about what EVEN is doing in our community. Thanks for all you do to keep health and compassion at the top of everybody's minds....Years ago I saw an ad you posted for EVEN. I did some research and answered and you and I emailed back and forth a bit. I was really impressed with EVEN and the community work you guys were doing. Then, with other supports, you and your group helped me to feel optimistic and able to move forward towards my future....Keep up the good work Lin. You don't always know the many and varied ways your work helps people. - Happy spring, Elizabeth B.

Veganism is such an important cause. I so enjoyed the EVEN event I came to. You are truly an important leader in the community....Society is slowly catching on to how important an ethical stance veganism is. Every day we see new studies come out that indicate how robust animals' lives are, how meat and dairy deplete natural resources and harm the planet, and how veganism is the healthiest diet there is. EVEN is such an important leader in the Eugene community in terms of their educational work and their joyful, positive spirit. I highly recommend participation in their events. - Maurice Hamington, Director of University Studies and Professor of Philosophy, Portland State University

What you two, and your volunteers, are doing is good work. Great work actually. I know you spend a large amount of time helping others make the switch to veganism, but it is worth it. It helps them, and the animals, and as you explained to me at your information table so clearly it helps the environment too. It's important that children know where their food comes from but how can they when even their parents don't know? It's also important kids learn compassion because as they get older they can lose that if it is not reinforced by parents and teachers. (Thanks for the stickers and comic books BTW!) So whoever you are educating, Lin, keep up the great job you are doing because it really does make a difference. I don't know if anyone else takes the time to thank you for all your energy and gentle personal touch but going veg has made big and excellent changes in our lives. So THANK YOU! Keep up the great work. You and Robert and all your volunteers are blessings to us all! - Barb and her whole motley crew. (LOL)

Dear Lin, We can't tell you enough how wonderful you are and how helpful you have been to us during this time. Thank you for making our switch to veganism productive and painless! ....We feel better. In body and spirit. ....Thank you, EVEN! - Frank and Sarah, new vegans [March 2015]

Dear Robert and Lin - Thank you so much for all the support and kindness that you have extended with your last 4 e-mails during this holiday. Your e-mails about the turkeys gave me much needed support and strength during this madness, and I was able to join a group of five other people for a meal, but bring my own "tempeh turkey" from home.

I felt so light, happy, and joyful, eating the way that my conscience prescribed, and with your help, I was able to. Thank you also for all the wonderful EVEN presentations that I have attended over time. Each one has been an opening into a world that held so many treasures and support.

Your work in the veg community is valued work, and so appreciated. Happy, kind Holidays to you both- Sincerely, Jamie G.

Lin, the day you put this Veg Starter Kit in my hand, I knew my life was about to change. And change it did! No matter how much I joked with you about your vegan food pyramid and the vegan nutrition thingy you gave me, I knew you were very sincere in your efforts....You spent so much time with me and all my crazy questions. Thank you a lot!....You are one of the warmest and most patient people I have ever met. Thank you! - Cynthia M.

I'm so appreciative of the work that EVEN does. There is so much misinformation out there. Lin and Robert work tirelessly to educate people, answering the same questions again and again with great patience. We are so lucky to have this resource in Eugene and that EVEN tries to help people no matter where they are. - JJ

Dear Lin and Robert, Your website is awesome!! Thank you so much for providing information and inspiration! - Tina K.

Hey Lin! WOW, what words, thank you!! The beauty of being open to life and the endless beauty it offers. You have been a gift! Thank you so much for all that you do....Hope you have a wonderful New Year! - Cheers, Emily

Lin! I just had to write you this morning to express my profound delight in meeting you!! :-D ~Deepest thanks~ to you and Robert for putting on that smash hit event last night. It was incredible to get to see Will speak again, but it is also so veryveryvery important to immerse oneself in a roomful of vegans on a regular basis. That is the biggest reason I have been so eager to get to one of EVEN's events... After meeting you, Linda, Dr. Gutierrez, and a super nice woman named Mary (I missed meeting Robert!), I feel refreshed and recharged with a new attitude of hope...ready to embrace the world with nothing but compassion...

I am so happy to be a drop in the mighty vegan bucket. Biggest thanks to EVEN for all of your amazing and inspirational work... gosh, can you even imagine how many lives you have saved?? Your very existence is so encouraging! Hooray!! xxoo Jeanette P.

Wow! Lin! This stuff is great!! Thank you for sending it to me. I love it all, especially the recipes! I can't wait to get started. Thank you and Robert too for all the things you do. I really appreciate it. - Sincerely, Jackie R.

Lin, I'm glad that we finally got to meet. You are quite an amazing woman, I'm going to take you with me (spiritually) and know that you are one of my teachers. I'm glad you are a strong woman who knows what needs to be done and does it in a gracious way. Your direct communication skills, patience, sense of knowing, are very apparent and a great thing for me to be able to observe, learn and grow. I hope to be as calm and cool as you are...I do look forward to collaborating with you on other events. My path is set in some ways and just opening up in others. I love you my friend, my sister, my teacher, my soul partner, I do believe we are on the same path. - Vicki A.

A leaf laminated with love.

Your dedication to the well-being of all animals is incredibly admirable. We thank you for all the incredible things you do; and, of course, the animals do too! Happy 64th! Love, Stephan and Adam (Nov 2013)

Dear Lin and BJ, Thank you both for all the great work you are doing! Over the past years that we have worked with EVEN, we have learned firsthand what a great job you do of supporting people interested in switching to a plant-based diet. EVEN is totally nonprofit, so the emphasis is always on providing accurate information and helping people rather than making some kind of a sale. You answer questions via email, provide helpful links, books and literature, and sponsor community-building events all free of charge. Thanks for your continuing efforts over the years. For those interested in learning about the ethical and environmental impacts of their personal food choices, EVEN is an excellent vegan resource. - Dale and Sandy, Ahimsa Acres Educational Center

About a year ago I had decided that being vegetarian for 17 years just wasn't really in keeping with my decision to honor all creatures especially after seeing how they are harmed for the products I was still using as a vegetarian. Trying to find information on the internet was overwhelming, until I happened to discover EVEN's website. How fortunate to find Lin and Robert who were not only willing to answer my questions, but were welcoming and so helpful in providing information and support, not to mention the added bonus that they are in Eugene, OR!! Since finding these wonderful people, and the resources that were provided, I have enjoyed a much easier transition to veganism. I've also taken advantage of one of the informative meetings with a great speaker, printed information, and the vegan pot lucks - so nice to not have to ask what is in a dish. My heartfelt thanks to Lin and Robert for the wonderful work they do. - Mary D.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN!!! Thank You Lin for all that you do in our community and all over! My first veggie starter starter kit EVEN sent me in December 2011 was a turning point in how I eat and live my life. It was a gradual transition into Vegetarianism, which has now graduated into going Vegan! Woohoo!! Loving how I feel and the food I eat! Thank You for planting a seed :) Cheers ~Emily

Thank you for all the work you do to make EVEN happen. You may not notice, but a lot of people appreciate what you do. So thank you! - (Henry, a loyal supporter and a dedicated vegan! Yay!)

Congrats, Lin! You are doing a great job! - Best, Claudia

Hello Lin, I just wanted to congratulate you on being nominated for this [United Way] award. How cool is that? I think your organization is great and I applaud all the work you do....Again, congrats on being nominated. You're an inspiration. Take care. - Best, Cheryl R.

Good going & congratulations, Lin! I'm not a vegan but I often tell people about EVEN, telling them how welcoming the group is and very much worth attending! Still being an omnivore, I greatly respect veganism and am moving more in that direction all the time. Don't know if I'll ever be a tried & true vegan, but it's a goal worth reaching towards. And I thank EVEN for putting out the DVD Farm to Fridge for anyone to take. I'm declining more and more animal products as time goes on with the more I learn. Kind influence, like EVEN does, to those of us not vegan is much more effective than being abrasive & self-righteous! ....Thanks for all your work & care! - Nancy C.

Congratulations Lin! You deserve it. Of course you should have won because there is no more important issue. However, it is so exciting and encouraging to see you and this issue getting the spotlight. Whenever you see a "person of the week" on the news or any type of media coverage of someone who starts an organization or helps others, it is always someone who helps people or companion animals or wildlife. It makes me feel so happy, and hopeful, to see someone whose work helps farmed animals get recognition and attention. Hooray!!! - love, Nettie

Congrats you sweetheart, you are a SUPER DUCK! xxoo - Kathy G.

Congratulations!!!! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. - Hugs, Jan P.

Congratulations, EVEN (aka Lin) on EVEN's 8th anniversary and all that you do to make the world a better place ... - Alice A.

I know how much you both do and everyone is grateful. I personally am especially grateful to the two of you because EVEN helped me make some hard (but beneficial) changes a couple of years ago. I think I am healthier for it. And happier. Thank you both! Sincerely, Karen J.

Dear Lin, Thank you for helping me with my school paper on the animal factories. I'm already vegetarian and I promise to be vegan soon. Even my teacher might change her diet because of my report and I know some of my classmates will. My BFF and I are already experimenting with the recipes you sent us. So thanks a lot! - Nicole (and Emma)

Congratulations Lin, this is amazing!!! - Heidi

Happy EVEN Anniversary! WOW, impressive statistics. You MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Love, Wendy

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S, LIN and ROBERT!!! You have done VERY good work and are DOING very good work. Just look at how many people whose lives you have affected beneficially - THOUSANDS!!!!! love, patricia

Congrats lin! Kudos on all your great work! - Chris

Congratulations Lin. Keep up the amazing work! :) - Chelsea

Great going you guys! - Alice and Jack

Hello! Thanks for helping my health class with your vegetarian and vegan webpage. I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thank you for your webpage. I'm a middle school health teacher and came across your page while looking for some nutrition information sites. Our principal wants us all to start using our classroom computers even more now, so I needed to find some various online resources on nutrition and different food practices to explore during class time for an upcoming unit. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help! :-) - Elizabeth M.

I just wanted to extend and share my gratitude for last nights speaker, Dr. Wible! It was such a wonderful and inspiring evening! Thank You Eugene Veg for the work you do in the community to bring awareness, knowledge and sharing!! Much Love! - Emily

Man, this workshop changed the whole way I think about being veg now. You gave me everything I needed and I can't tell you how much my family and I appreciate it. I finally feel like being vegan is something I can do. You really did make it eeeeasy! Thank you both! - Cameron and the fam :) :) :) :)

Thank you very much for letting us attend your helpful workshop. It exceeded our expectations and we feel more confident now that we know what we're doing. - Peace and Kindness and Blessings, - Ann

Thank you for your Think and Go Veg workshop! It was a big help for me at a difficult time and I feel much more prepared now. Thank you very much and GO VEG! - Cindy

Lin and Robert, I think you guys are awesome and truly a shining light to all of EUGENE! I am PROUD of the SERVICE you guys offer and will continue to direct my clients to your site! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and for allowing me to be a part of EVEN! - Dr. Orestes Gutierrez

Hi Lin and Robert, It was a pleasure coming down to see you both and to give a little pep-talk to the [EVEN] group. Thank you so much for the hard work you both do to maintain an island of (vegan) sanity in Eugene...You are my Eugene heroes for your tireless efforts to bring light to a world so filled with darkness. - David Gabbe, author, David's Vegan Home Cooking

Read an acknowledgement of EVEN's work here in Volunteer Spotlight.
- The Register-Guard and United Way
(The R-G and United Way encourage volunteerism and support the nonprofits across Lane County through their sponsorship of Community Leaders Together.)

Thank you very much, Lin. Your newsletters are lucid and informative. Enclosed is my donation. Thank you for all your good work. - Svevo

Dear Lin and Robert, It was my pleasure to present to EVEN on its 6th anniversary. I think you are doing great work. You should feel proud for how far you've come with the EVEN organization. I hope you find that it has been worthwhile. I know it is hard to maintain a high level of activity and motivation for something like a non-profit. It is clear that your work truly comes from the HEART. - Dave Wagenheim, Viva! Vegetarian Grill

Congratulations to EVEN for six years! You have really done a great job and it has made all the difference for me personally. I like all the literature you sent me last year and I'm glad you could answer my questions. When I saw the bigger picture, it made it easier for me and my husband to make changes. (The recipes helped a lot, too.) Keep on with your good work. It makes a difference. Thank you and congratulations. - Harriet B.

Thank you, Lin and Robert, for the opportunity to be involved, for bringing the community together, and for all that you do. - Andrea K.

Congratulations on 6 years! You guys rock!! - Maddie M.

Lin, Congratulations on your anniversary. I know that you have put a lot of work and heart into EVEN. ... Mary Ann and I wish you continued success. - Best regards, Mark Beauchamp, Cafe Yumm!

Congratulations, Lin and Robert!!!!! You are doing such good work! It's so important for people to get off meat & manufactured foods. Big hugs to you. - love, patricia r.

A Message from Eugene Mayor, Kitty Piercy - 3/1/11


While I cannot be with you this evening, I want to acknowledge the sixth birthday of EVEN, and send my heartiest congratulations to all of you who are gathered for the celebration.

EVEN is a valuable resource that has played a vital role in education and outreach since 2005. As a vegan resource for those inquiring into the benefits of a healthful, compassionate, plant-based diet, EVEN has successfully used education, networking, its website, and social events to offer assistance to the local community and beyond.

At a time when food production, food security, and food ethics are at the forefront of our national dialogue, EVEN is on the cutting edge, supporting a 100 percent, plant-based diet and focusing on helping others to make compassionate choices at least three times a day when sitting down to meals.

I salute you all and encourage you to keep up the good work. - Sincerely, Kitty Piercy, Mayor, City of Eugene


Lin and Robert, I just want to thank you both for all the hard work you put into EVEN. It is only through dedicated people like yourselves that we will be able show people that there is another way. A kinder, more compassionate way. Walking this path is so much easier with the support and encouragement you both selflessly give. The continued education you provide. It is amazing that you find people to come and speak to us. Who teach us how to make gluten-free, vegan sweets or give in depth discussions about health. Who talk to us about sanctuaries for animals or simply demo products that we might not ordinarily purchase at the grocery store. I am so thankful that I found you both!...Much love! Stacy P.

...thanks very much for this great resource. i use it often, - kris m.

Wow! There is an amazing amount of wisdom in your email. Thank you! I've read it, but I will reread it several times. I did order Vegan for Dummies. Many thanks for your time and thoughtfulness. - Laura R.

I can't believe you guys are still doing this! 5 years! You should take a break. But just think of all the different persons you have reached by talking to them and helping them learn about being vegan. Congratulations on 5 years! - Maddie M.

Congratulations EVEN! The animals thank you for your dedication. I thank you too because I probably couldn't have done this without those great recipes. Now it all comes easier. I feel like my whole life I had been sleeping. You opened my eyes. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work! - Justin S.

I hope I'm doing something good like this when I'm your age. You have really been a big help to me and my boyfriend. The booklets helped a lot and I just love your website. Thanks again, Lin and Robert! - Chris and Matt S.

Getting the word out on veganism is the most important thing you could ever ever ever do to help the animals and the planet! And you have done it with sincerity, hard work and a smile. Your unrelenting efforts are awesome! - The Brighton Family (all 4-1/2 of us!)

Lin - As always, I appreciate all you do to educate the community. May I and others continue to learn to bring peace to all beings. Thanks for your help in doing so. - Jamie G.

Lin and Robert: Congratulations on EVEN's 4th anniversary! You have demonstrated the saying that mighty trees begin life as small seeds. Through hard work and perseverance, you have grown EVEN into a tremendous asset for the Eugene community--and far beyond! Best wishes for continued success! - Kate D. and Hilliard G.

Lin and BJ, In your honor, a tree is being planted in a National Forest. "In your honor" doesn't seem strong enough. I think "in tribute to all you have contributed" might almost be enough. We admire you for who you are and what you bring to others daily. We love you guys! - Hugs, Debbie & Clyde S.

I just want you to know that it's because of the brochure you sent me that I can't eat meat anymore! LOL But that's good because I really didn't know all that. I appreciate the "starter kit" too because it tells me what I can do instead which I didn't know before either. I wish everyone would become veg. It would be such a beautiful world. Thanks again. - Amber S.

You are really amazing that you have been doing this for so long! I love all the info and booklets and newsletters you sent me. I love being veg and I hope they keep helping me make the necessary changes. Keep up the great work! - Trisha K.

I was just thinking on what a positive impact you have made. You have made a difference. Thank you for all of your work.... Sharing with other people helps expand the education about being vegan... - Denise M.

Thank you for a wonderful 4 years of service. Thank you for providing an opportunity for us to "wet our feet" with our presentation which has led us to teaching vegan cooking classes. Way to go! You and BJ have been such an inspiration to us and certainly to many, many others... - Peace, Pat and Lorrie R.

Congratulations, EVEN, on your 4th anniversary. Everything you have done and are doing has helped the animals. Some people don't understand but you giving away lots of these handouts is bound to reach some people and help them see! I will send you my membership soon. - Gayle M.

Wow! Awesome! Happy 4th Anniversary to EVEN! Thanks for all you do to tell people there is a better, more peaceful way to live. Great job! - Tiffaney S.

I can't believe you guys are still doing this! Thank you sincerely for working on behalf of others---those without a voice. Wonderful work you are doing! - Madison M.

Thank you, and I hope your project continues to be successful! You are an amazing contribution to Eugene, and even though I'm no longer there, I still appreciate everything you're doing! - Bethany S.

Nice going, Lin & BJ! Keep up the great work. We need all the help we can get. - Richard T.

Good work Lin! Hope all goes well,,,,,, - Jan S.

Hi Lin!! Thank you SOOO much!! I really appreciate your efforts! ... Thanks again and I will be sure to send you my results! - Lynsey K.

Lin & Robert, a very special thank you for being so very thoughtful! Thank you so much for EVEN! Happy 4th Anniversary! Peace, Denise M. :)

...Keep on doing all the wonderful things that you do! Your work is very nourishing and fruitful to this community. Blessings, Ty - Ty B.

Lin and BJ, Just a note to say Thank You! Thank you for, and congratulations on, your 4th EVEN anniversary. You make a difference! Love, Wendy L.

Congratulations!!!!! just think of the impact you have had on all the people that have been exposed to your teachings on a compassionate life. I still don't know how you do it. You are amazing!...love, liz - Lizzy S.

Congratulations on turning 4! Wonderful job! - Emily P.

CONGRATULATIONS on your 4th year, Lin! My class is that evening, but i'll be thinking of you all!
Love to you and Robert & the veg gang! - Patricia R.

Hello and happy holidays, My name is Jaxon and I met you briefly at the Peaceful Vegan [Thanksgiving] Potluck at LCC last month. ... We very much enjoyed the celebration and like-minded company... I have been vegetarian for a few years, vegan for about 4 months. It's great. I'd like to support the efforts of spreading awareness of this healthy and sustainable lifestyle change across the greater spectrum of society and would like to join EVEN. ... I look forward to learning more about the benefits/responsibilities of membership. Sincerely, - Jaxon L.

I just wanted to say thank you because I know you and EVEN do a lot. I know it's a lot of work but just think what a difference you are making in people's lives. Kids, too. I became veg mostly because I didn't like to think of hurting animals just so I could eat. You made it easier for me but you gave me a lot more to think about. Thanks. And oh yeah, I really like your website, too! Cool! Thanks again. - Serena L.

Holy Cow! You people are amazing! I don't know how you do it, but you are certainly very dedicated. Thanks for all your hard work and for answering all my emails. It was a big help. Thanks! - Ashley P.

Dear Lin, Our entire family sincerely appreciates everything you and Robert and EVEN do to make a better world for the animals and the planet. It's nice to have you in Eugene and we hope to get to one of your monthly meetings soon. They sound great. Thank you! - Alice, Peter, Taylor and Madison M.

I have been looking at your website, Lin. It's really great!!!! There is so much on there, I've just scratched the surface. Tell Robert that I loved his essay "What's Missing?". You and Robert have done so much. As Gandhi said you may not know all the results of your hard work, but I know for sure that you have made a huge difference and are a force for love and compassion in this world. Thank you. - Nettie S.

I just wanted to thank you for promoting this event [David Gabbe's Vegetarian cooking class]. I would not have known about it otherwise. I took the class and it was fantastic. I'm slowly transitioning from lacto-ovo veg to vegan and looking for new ways to cook without eggs & cheese. David's class was hugely helpful, educational, and fun. Thank you! - Kelly E.

Dear Lin & Robert, Thank you for creating EVEN! This organization has been a huge benefit to the community. Peace. - Sandra G.

Thanks for all you do to make this happen. We are so lucky to have this organization in our community and you deserve the credit for making it happen. - Sandy I.

Oh Lin, I do so wish that I could participate in some of these EVEN lectures and events. I read the notices and feel so very isolated from people who are practicing and exploring healthy, ethical, and interesting lifestyles. Your event notices provide continued motivation to question what I put into my family's mouths.

A Quick note. Finnley, our youngest, 7 years old, has an unusually sensitive connection to animals. For the last year he has made it clear that he feels "so sorry for the animals who are hurt and die so that we can eat them". This boy, who continues to really amaze me, has chosen to eliminate meat from his diet! As a mother who usually insists that her children eat the family meal provided--- no individual catering at our house!--- I respect his choice to identify with their feelings and have honored this ethical decision. At the occasional meal when I have cooked fish or chicken, Finnley holds me to the line with "why mama?" I once again have to ask myself 'why?'. Pretty interesting, this 7 year old, unwavering vegetarian. He is teaching, demonstrating, to his family the right way to approach the edible bounty provided to us via mother nature. We are so blessed. I am so grateful that you have provided a site into which I can tap for information. Thank you!

Please, keep up your efforts. Few people have such an opportunity for positive impact on the lives of other. Our soul's daily wellness routine needs to be encouraged and supported from people who care; folks who are committed to make OUR world a sweeter, kinder place to occupy.

With hugs and appreciative thoughts towards you - Gilann B.

Wow, thanks, Lin. You got right back to me and you knew exactly what I was asking for. You are a blessing to me and I really appreciate your effort. - James C.

Thanks, Lin! And again, happy 3rd anniversary! [EVEN does] so much for the vegan movement as a whole, so I'm always thrilled to hear of milestones like this. - Emily P., Portland

Thanks a lot for your help. That was a lot of great information. I'm more excited now than before. Thanks. Keep up your great work. - Jerry S., Springfield

BRAVO, Lin and Robert! - Patricia R.

Wow, congratulations! Quite the achievement!!!! - Wendy, Steve and Ivy Rose L.

Hi, Lin - Thanks so much for being such a help to me with this paper ["Going Vegan - A Solution to World Hunger?"]. Along with the interviews you helped me get, you gave great advice as well. I learned a ton and hopefully taught my teacher something, too! All thanks to you and your help, I got an "A" on this paper and glowing reviews! Thanks again for being such a great Technical Advisor! - Nina S., Senior, South Eugene High School

Lin, I just want to thank you for your help and your willingness to help...I have my fingers crossed. Will take you up on your other suggestions if that doesn't pan out. - Thanks again, Enid

I love you guys, Lin and Robert! Keep up the good work! - Love, Patricia R.

What a crowd turns out for EVEN's monthly gatherings! Really a testimony to your and Robert's efforts and the EVEN message. I become more and more vegan and am moving in the direction of more raw in my diet. EVEN and your education message can take a lot of credit for this. I'm proud of what you do and proud to be a part of it. - Ann C.

Bravo to you both and a very nice feature I might add! You perform a lovely service and one that Eugene desperately needs, so keep up the good work! - Shawn Donnille, Mountain Rose Herbs, Co-Owner and Director of Operations

Thanks for all the great info and hard work! - Terry T.

Dear Lin and Robert, Congratulations, indeed!!! Thank you so much for all you have done to create more compassion and knowledge in the world! I truly acknowledge you two for the unwavering commitment you have made in this world, at this time. We are all so lucky to know each other because of you!... - Tina G.

... You have a big heart and do a wonderful job of informing the community. Thank you! - Linna M.

...thank you for creating EVEN and a community of like-minded individuals. Your generous and selfless daily contributions are awe-inspiring and a wonderful service to our greater Eugene community. - Kelly K.

I knew if I hung out with this group [EVEN], I'd get better. And I did! - Trudy L.

I am so grateful to have found a place where vegan is the norm and not the exception. ...Thank you for being there for me and keep up the great work! - Priscilla C.

...Thanks for creating such a unique and wonderful organization. Seeing you have the motivation and energy to give birth to EVEN gives me encouragement to follow my dreams and have faith that we can make a difference. The plants, animals, the planet, and I thank you! - Elizabeth S.

We are so glad EVEN is continuing to do all the great things it started out to do! You changed my life [as I told you before] and it's thanks to you and EVEN... And especially thanks so much for your patience. - Mary A.

You guys are incredible! If there is ever anything I can do for you in return to thank you, please don't hesitate to ask! Congratulations on your 2nd year! - Fitzy

...If you had any idea how many lives you have touched, you'd be as amazed as I am! Happy 2nd Anniversary to EVEN and crew!! - Herm S.

Congrats on EVEN's anniversary and here's to many more great years! - Lyris C.

Congratulations, Lin and Robert! You've accomplished a lot. Isn't it incredible what 2 people can do with focused effort and a sense of mission? - Esta

I think it was Robert Louis Stevenson who said, "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." In the past two years EVEN has planted more seeds than is barely imaginable. Thanks to you and BJ, a piece of a huge burden has been lifted from the earth, many more animals have been allowed to live, and me... well, I'm a hell of a lot healthier. Thank you, EVEN! - Ron S.

Wow, you are awesome!!!!!! Thank you very much! - Blessings and love, - Tara A.

You have so much to be proud of! Congratulations!!!!!! You are making a difference on a scale most people don't dream of. Best to you both! - Wendy, Steve and Ivy Rose L.

To Linn and BJ, What the two of you are doing with EVEN is amazing and inspiring. Keep fighting the fight! Devotion and dedication like yours truly helps to spread the vegan message. All the best of health and happiness to you. - Beverly Lynn Bennett and Ray Sammartano, Authors of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Living

A Message from Eugene Mayor, Kitty Piercy - 3/5/07

When the Eugene Veg Education Network was established as a local non-profit group two years ago, no one anticipated the extent to which it would grow both locally and nationally.

With its important focus on outreach and education, EVEN has, in two short years:

  • responded to thousands of phone calls and emails inquiring about the benefits of a plant-based diet;
  • established a free lending library for everyone's use;
  • published a dozen informative newsletters and e-bulletins;
  • sponsored 26 vegan educational events and speakers;
  • organized numerous other potlucks, dineouts, and special peaceful events, such as the Compassionate Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck each November;
  • tabled at 40 events and distributed over 15,000 brochures, booklets, and magazines explaining veganism and its benefits to the planet, the animals, and our personal health;
  • garnered the support of over 600 active local participants and hundreds more throughout the US;
  • and, most recently, has constructed a comprehensive, educational website at www.eugeneveg.org

If this is what they have accomplished in only two short years...what can we expect from them in the future?

In August 2006, I established a Sustainable Business Initiative Task Force with a report and recommendations to the Eugene City Council and to the Community of Eugene. It focused on People, Planet, and Profits. Well, what EVEN and plant-based diets are doing for People, Planet and Profits also, is a less-talked about, but vital cog, in the Sustainability Wheel. And I support and applaud their work.

And I'd like to add, also, that anything anyone does to make the world more peaceful receives my support! Grass-roots efforts, like those EVEN has demonstrated, are at the cutting-edge of the positive changes we all can make for this planet. I support EVEN and their ongoing activities, and I encourage you to continue to do the same.

Congratulations, Lin, Robert, your dedicated staff of volunteers, and all of you who, as members and supporters, are making a difference. Best Wishes on your exciting 2nd Year Anniversary. Thank you for all you have done and for inviting me to be a part of this.

Enjoy your celebration! Thank you. - Kitty Piercy, Mayor, City of Eugene

Kitty Piercy, Mayor, City of Eugene
EVEN 2nd Anniversary Celebration


Cheers to EVEN! Food choices are a vital part of the health of our environment and people we care about. EVEN's advocacy of plant based diets is a great benefit to the community.
Happy Birthday! - Jan S.

Thank you for bringing the Light to us a year ago with your Grace and Sincerity. - Nadine P.

A big congrats and best wishes for many more anniversaries to come! You have already accomplished so much, and you are doing such a great job. The Eugene area has needed something like EVEN for a long time, and no one could have done a better job than you have. Many kudos to you! - Beverly Lynn Bennett and Ray Sammartano, Authors, Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Living

I had no idea just how badly the animals were treated... thank you, EVEN, for opening my eyes. My whole family is veg now...we're all healthier and our kids love [being veg]...thank you for showing us the way to a more compassionate (and healthier) life... - Herman S.

Congrats on one wonderful year of compassion & greatness. - Nick K.

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how impressed I am by your efforts. Providing a support network for vegetarians is a great service to the community. Keep up the good work. - Nancy Z.

Thanks for turning me on to veganism. I lost 12 pounds the first month and my face cleared up! - Name Withheld

I am interested in supporting EVEN in any way I can. I think what your organization is doing is AWESOME and this community needs you here. - Ty B.

...I think my medicines were poisoning me...definitely making me worse... Thanks to EVEN making it possible for me to go vegetarian, these last six months have been the best months of my life. ...and I'm working on being vegan... - Mary A.

You guys are wonderful. Thank you for all the sunshine you bring to our lives. - Joanne K.

I can't thank EVEN enough for showing me the benefits of vegetarianism. I had tried everything for my arthritis and nothing worked like giving up meat and dairy. Thank you, EVEN! You're the best! - "Fitzy" F.

More Local Supporters

Red Barn Natural Grocery

Red Barn Natury Grocery hosted another of their Community Service Days, this one dedicated to the Eugene Veg Education Network! EVEN encouraged more folks to shop there, and by EVEN's advertising, thereby, introduced a lot of new customers to all the organic produce and natural foods that Red Barn offers. In exchange, Red Barn donated a percentage of their sales for the day to EVEN! A win-win-win. Thank you, Red Barn! :)

Red Barn Natural Grocery

Red Barn Natural Grocery is committed to the protection of the earth's resources and the achievement of a sustainable society by offering our community an exceptional selection of quality natural and organically produced products facilitating and promoting healthy lifestyles; combined with exceptional, individualized customer service, education and community outreach.

Nestled at the southern end in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon, Red Barn Natural Grocery, home of Red Barn Naturals, is one of the oldest established Natural Foods stores in Eugene, Oregon. Established in 1982, Red Barn Natural Grocery continues to nourish and educate your community with integrity, knowing we are offering 100% Organically Grown Produce (always local when available) combined with a full range of the best Natural, Local and Organic products for your pantry, health and home in a knowledgeable, friendly atmosphere.

Featuring: 100% Organically Grown Produce Department (local when available), Whole Foods, Raw Foods, Vitamins & Supplements, Natural and Organic Body Care Products, Organically Grown Bulk Foods, Natural and Organic Pet Products, Organically Produced Beer & Wine, Organically Grown Medicinal Herbs & Culinary Spices, Case Discounts and Special Orders with Red Barn Natural Grocery's Buyer's Club (If we don't stock it, we will do our best to find it for you at a discount.)

Red Barn Natural Grocery
357 Van Buren (@Blair Blvd.)

Wendy, Ivy Rose and Steve Liberko

Wendy, Ivy Rose, and Steve Liberko - Long-Term EVEN Members, Presenters, Volunteers and Donors

Eat in the Raw

Here at Eat in the Raw, we are dedicated to providing healthful, pure products. We use only the highest quality ingredients and nothing that you can't pronounce. Our recipes are simple, nutritious, and great tasting. Our mission is to provide healthy, earth-friendly culinary delights, uplift humanity's consciousness through business, and leave the world a better place than when we found it.

Parma! is completely natural. It's wheat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and candida-free. Parma! is made here in Southern Oregon using only raw organic walnuts, Red Star nutritional yeast, Celtic sea salt, and love. Parma! is a high potency food source of Omega 3's, B-12, and trace minerals. Parma! is sugar free and contains no artificial anything -- and it's enzyme rich. Lastly, Parma! tastes great! It's a product the entire family will love and will benefit from. Try Parma! on popcorn, salad, pizza, rice, greens, and more. See our web site for more information www.eatintheraw.com

Other Local Supporters

[Long-standing supporters, renewing members and major donors in bold.]

Mele Allred---Toby Alves---Mary Amabile---Mary Arbogast---Bagelsphere---Adeline Bash---Richard Baynton---Mark Beauchamp---Dan & Mandy Beilock---Ty Bell---JoAnne Bergen---Cindy Biles--- Heather Blakeslee---Karen Booth, RD---Thomas Bosch, PhD, RDN, LDN---Gilann Bourne---Bread Stop---Svevo Brooks---Cheryl Byer---Elizabeth Byers---Cafe Yumm---Capella Market---Ginger Carlson, MA---Adam Caswell---Robert Cheeke & Vegan Bodybuilding Team---Charlotte Childress---Chocolate Decadence---Circle of Health---City of Eugene - McNail-Riley House---Karla Cohen---Lyris Cooper---Cornbread Cafe---Ann Councill---Rob Culclasure---Mary and Cliff Dax---Jeremy Deguc---Cobie deLespinasse---Jill DeVine---The Divine Cupcake---Mary Dollar---Colin Donoghue---Sophia & Flo Douglas---Mary Downs---Barbara Drake---Dave Duemler---Eat in the Raw---Angela Egremont---Gene Emge---Justine Enes---Eugene Saturday Market---Eugene Weekly---Fitzy Fitzsimmons---Linda Frazier---Erin & Patrick Floresca---Larry Fried---David & Carolyn Gabbe---Wendy Gabbe-Day---Pam Garrison---Lindsay Gasik---Tina Giese---Kathy Ging---Dr. John Gobble---Jamie Gorbet---Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant---Dr. Orestes Gutierrez---Mark Hamilton---Anne Harper---Jennefer Harper---HealthForce Nutritionals---Kim Heddinger---William Hershey---Marty Hertz---Glenn & Melanie Hildebrant---Winter Hose---Liz Howard---Sandy Itzkowitz---Sarah Jorgenson---Kelly Keiler---Jennifer Kirkwood---Gary & Mary Klein---Andea Kowalski---Nick Kress---KVAL-TV---Lane Community College-Jeffrey Borrowdale---Lane Community College---Keith Lambertson---Marilyn Lance---Walter Lapchynski---Stacy Latini--Mark Lew---Steve, Wendy, & Ivy Rose Liberko---Tina Lison---Ravi Logan---Steve and Judy Longtin---Terri-Lynn Lovison---Dale Lugenbehl & Sandy Aldridge---Susan Manske---Market of Choice---Denise McClatchey---Don Merrick---Worth Myers---Stephan Nance---Natural Choice Directory---New Frontier Market---Eric Nicholson---Rodolfo Palma---Stacy Payne---Jay Payne---Jan Petersen---Nadine Peterson---Phyllis Peterson---Paul Petock---Mayor Kitty Piercy---Joshua Ploeg---Myrna Pollet---Randy Prince---Paula Ptacek---Alice & Jack Pueschner---Red Barn Natural Grocery---Sarah Reiss---Rich Richardson---Lindsay Riddell--- Rising Moon Organics---Patricia Robinett---Linda Sappington---Stephanie Schaibley---Jill Schatz---Herm Schmidt---Shannon Schnibbe---Nettie Schwager---Elizabeth Sereda---Katie Sloan---Jan Spencer---Peter Spendelow---Janice Stanger, PhD---Stephanie Stilwell---Carol Stoutland---Maiya Sustaita---Sweetlife Patisserie---Sundance Market---Surata Tofu---Kyrhya Thomas---Toby's Family Foods---Viva! Vegetarian Grill---Richard Wadsworth---Dave Wagenheim---Rebecca Walker---Sheree Walters---Brandt Weaver---Diane Weaver---Shirley Whitehurst---Bryan Wilson---Paula Ziegelasch---Chris Zilka---Heidi Zola

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