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Ayla - EVEN Member and Supporter

Veg Spotlight

Dan Piraro - Long-Term EVEN Member and Donor, is a nationally-syndicated, award-winning cartoonist, and animal rights advocate, presenting The Bizarro Baloney Show

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Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality - Arthur Schopenhauer

Veg Wisdom

If you could see or feel the suffering you wouldn't think twice. Give back life. Don't eat meat. - Kim Basinger

EVEN Featured In:

~ 24 Carrot Award (Vegetarians in Paradise)

~ Vegan Awareness Year (Mayoral Proclamation, City of Eugene)

~ American Vegan Magazine (American Vegan Society)

~ Volunteer of the Year (United Way)

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...What [EVEN has] accomplished is nothing less than amazing... and truly heartwarming. You are making a powerful case for unconditional compassion and benevolence...and you are doing it in ways that are beautifully in harmony with the spirit and values of Veganism. May your strength increase! - Stanley Sapon, PhD, with wife, Rhoda

Veg Spotlight

Chris - Long-term EVEN supporter with his lucky, furry friends.

Veg Wisdom

Until he extends the circle of compassion to ALL living things, man will not himself find peace. - Albert Schweitzer

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Dear Lin, Best wishes, and thanks for all that you do to spread a plant-based vision! - Arran, Founder, Nature's Path Foods

Traveling and promoting vegan living both nationally and internationally, I've been fortunate to work with hundreds of local grassroots vegan groups, and feel that EVEN is one of the most hard-working and effective I've seen anywhere. Local vegan groups are the lifeblood of our movement to protect and liberate animals, and the work that Lin, Robert, and their team at EVEN do is a shining testimony to the capacity of these groups to help transform our society from the ground up. They show that our human hearts can awaken and bring healing, kindness, respect, and inspiration to our world in a concrete and meaningful way. Dr. Will Tuttle, Author, The World Peace Diet

Lin Silvan, Robert Jacobucci, and EVEN have been promoting veganism for over a decade. We always appreciate their extreme energy, ongoing activism, and positive words in these bumpy times where there are often roadblocks to creating a better and more sustainable world. We loved what Lin had to say: "No matter how much there is still left to do, the distance traveled needs to be acknowledged, too. At least that is the more uplifting way to see it, otherwise our knees would buckle under the pressure." Lin knows how much has been accomplished, and yet how much more there is to do. That is special. Good luck in their completing more decades of changing and saving lives. - The Vegetarian Resource Group

Hi Lin, congratulations on your wonderful and well deserved 24 carrot award. I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading about you and Robert. I love it that you met while dancing....what could be more romantic? I tell you, reading that interview was like a warm comforting light in the midst of all this terrible darkness. In fact I'm going back to read it again. Thank you both so much for being who you are.... - Ginger in Queens

I do want to tell you I'm thrilled with your success obtaining Eugene's mayoral proclamation declaring 2016 Vegan Awareness Year....I hope the vegan momentum will continue to grow...a lot has happened in the last decade to inspire hope for animals and vegan living. Thank you most sincerely for this amazing progress from you and EVEN.... It's totally thrilling and EVEN is a huge contributor to the way forward for animals and compassionate living on this beleaguered planet. - Karen Davis, PhD, President-Director, United Poultry Concerns, Machipongo VA

To EVEN - Big Hugs of Love and Gratitude for all you do and are. - Julia

When I discovered EVEN in 2014, I was struck by the size of its following and the scale and quality of its online resources. I got a sense that the people behind it were seasoned pros who had equal parts experience and passion. Through working with Lin Silvan on an interview, I came to understand that her hand-picked and in-depth interview series were an important source of inspiration for the EVEN community. With Lin's gentle nudging, I found myself working hard on this interview, but also exploring and articulating some of my ideas in much deeper ways. Lin and her husband, Robert, also seem to have an uncanny ability to connect people and build community. I'm moved by their pure dedication to the cause! - Robert Grillo, Founder and Director of Free From Harm

Dear Lin - Thank you so much for all of the great resources...I read Dr. Oppenlander's interview with EVEN, and I loved it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. His words are so inspiring. As he said, "It's time for all vegans to inspire others to become aware." I am a researcher in the field of environmental engineering, and with all of the talk of water conservation, sources of pollution, and treatment technologies, I've never heard any mention of reducing the number of livestock as a potential solution. Maybe that is the role that I must play... I should be the one to say something.

I read Will Tuttle's World Peace Diet and loved it. What an eye-opening book! He made such clear connections between so many levels of injustice in our society and our enslavement of animals. Just a few days ago, I started reading an anthology that he edited, Circles of Compassion. .... There is so much to learn, and then so much to do with that knowledge! I try to be optimistic and have hope that change for the better is possible, that world peace is possible, and I want to contribute as much as I can towards that goal.

Please accept my small contribution. I wish I could give and do so much more. I found the list of ways to support EVEN on your website, and I will try to do what I can. I want to help EVEN in any way, especially after becoming more aware of the great work that you and Robert are doing....I sincerely appreciate all that you do and thank you again for all of the energy you give to helping all beings. I can feel your passion for the animals, the environment, and people through your emails, and I am so inspired by it.

I am feeling my passion growing and a strong desire to find my voice - my path - for helping to spread awareness. I am so grateful to you and people like you that are providing guidance to those of us trying to find our way as activists. I look forward to keeping in touch and receiving the national and international emails. Like I said, you have a friend in Barcelona - Peace, Ayla

Thank you for all your incredible work!!!!!!!! - Dawn Moncrief, Executive Director, A Well-Fed World

Lin, You and Robert are doing a great job. This world needs people like you to promote veganism. Eventually, we will be all vegans. - Lisa, San Diego

Hey, Lin! I was just sitting down after the kids have left to write you a proper thank-you. It really was joyful, and hopeful, and exciting to hear about all the thoughtful and loving work you do for the vegan movement. Thank you again for your time, and thank you for the work you do on behalf of the animals, the planet, and our fellow humans! - All the best, Rebecca B., Rochester, NY

Who wouldn't want to see a world full of happy healthy people? Lin, Robert and the EVEN volunteers are playing an integral role in making that vision a reality. It's essential that this movement takes place on ALL levels of society. Without the grassroots efforts to plant the seeds and water the roots in our local communities, our foundation will be hollow. These selfless efforts are ABSOLUTELY VITAL for our success in creating a better world for ourselves and for coming generations. If every community had the great fortune of having a group like EVEN, we'd be well on our way! Thank you to all the volunteers at EVEN for being an example and inspiration for us all. - Bill Hershey, Umpqua Community VEG / Douglas County, OR

Dear Lin and Robert and all the folks at EVEN, I am very happy at the latest reincarnation of your group and your website. I am pleased and quite impressed by your recent emails, your news blog and your continued activity to promote veganism. EVEN offers information with clarity of vision and unwavering standards. Thank you and keep up the great work! - Mary Kim S., Fremont, CA

EVEN sounds like a fantastic organization! Talk about some awesome community service work on your part! A Lotus for you. - Rick P., North Carolina

Dear EVEN, I like everything on your website and can appreciate how hard you must work. I hope someday we are all vegan but meanwhile we need groups like yours doing outreach. Keep fighting the fight and I will, too. Thank you for the vegetarian starter kit and coupons. I gave the starter kit to my sister, but I used the coupons. Thank you! - Nina G., Lake Havasu, Arizona

Hi Lin, thank you for sending the book. I'm just so proud and impressed with all great work EVEN has done and keeps on doing. It cheers me up at this most depressing time of the year [thanksgiving].......you know what I mean. But you are changing hearts and minds and that is so encouraging. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work.....it's such an honor to know you. - Ginger, Queens NY

Thanks for all the good info you sent me! It will all get put to good use as I'm starting to understand how it all fits together. You know, the food, the planet and environment, the animals. (I can't bear to look at the animal photos you sent because it is just too horrible.) Your stuff will help, especially the recipes, which I gave to my girlfriend and hope she takes the hint. I'm not quite there yet but getting closer. It's thanks to EVEN we're vegetarian at all and we're hoping to be 100% vegan soon. Don't lose faith in us. Thanks again! Love your website, too! - Carson M., La Jolla, CA

Congratulations! - Dr. Michael Greger

Wow, Lin, that is exciting! That level of recognition is wonderful and I thank you for sharing that with me! Let's hope we can keep on spreading the word! Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete, Author of "A Race For Life," "CHEF" & "Senior Fitness"

Hi Lin! You know, so many activists come and go but you keep plugging along and keep doing great work. I admire your tenacity and your compassion. Thank you for keeping up the good fight. Your News Blog is very nice! It's engaging and informative. Well done, Robert! And congratulations on EVEN's 7th year!
- All the best, Chris Holbein, PETA, Associate Director Special Projects

Hi, Lin! I know the major contributions you and Robert have given to the Eugene community and to the Veg community at large. I've seen some great speakers come through your newsletters. Thank you for all that you do.... I got my start when EVEN gave me a chance to share my experiences with an audience. Thanks for all your outstanding work!
- Robert Cheeke, Author, Vegan Bodybuilder, Advocate

OH, Lin!! You are such a profound inspiration to me! ...People like you and Robert around the country work so tirelessly for compassion, kindness, health, and being conscious, creating grassroots groups and efforts that are, to me, the heart and soul of our movement! Truly unsung heroes and heroines!! Thanks so much for the inspiration.
- Love, Will Tuttle, PhD, The World Peace Diet

Dear Lin and Robert, Wish I was in town to celebrate with you. Congratulations! You are people making a good difference. Hard work. Be proud.
- Best wishes and love, Ann C. aka Pittsburgh Annie

Dear Lin and Robert, I have never known anyone to donate so much time and energy to a cause and ask for nothing in return. What you two have accomplished in earnest the past 6 years is awe-inspiring! ....We thank you for the light you so generously bring to the rest of us.
- Carlotta B. in Chicago sending you Congratulations on EVEN's 6th year!

Kudos, Lin and Robert! With your tireless efforts, EVEN has continually accomplished amazing feats. Your ability to gently and lovingly rankle the status quo while educating and rallying the masses are impressive achievements. You are amazing leaders and organizers, and I am grateful for all you do. Congratulations on EVEN's 6th anniversary!
- Hugs, Jo Stepaniak, MSEd, Grassroots Veganism

Congratulations. And so many lives have benefited.
- Best Wishes, John McDougall, MD

Dear Lin and BJ, In your honor a tree is being planted in a National Forest. We cannot think of more deserving people than you two---if we could afford it, we'd have a whole forest planted in your honor.
- Congratulations! Love, Debbie and Clyde

Hi Lin - You are truly an exceptionally kind, loving and compassionate person, and i'm so happy to see you are still helping turn this upside down world right side up with your endeavors. What ever you can do to [help] would be most appreciated, as it is truly needed.
- peace and thanks, michael b. :)

Hey, Lin! We are envious of the happening organization you've created in your area! You've really got a veg society established and that's so valuable [and]...we appreciate your dedication to having formed such an active organization. We totally know that just maintaining the momentum takes constant thought and work. You deserve a pat on the back.
- Zel and Reuben, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Lin and Robert and everyone at EVEN, I had a wonderful time presenting my sweet treats to your group - I couldn't have imagined a kinder and more engaged audience. I am so inspired by your thoughtful energy and generous spirits!
- Wendy Gabbe Day, author of Scatter Vegan Sweets

EVEN has proven to be a stellar food education organization in the heart of one of the richest food regions in America. Every time I come through the Willamette Valley, EVEN is there to help me spread the word about healthy living through delicious plant-based food. I truly enjoy working with Lin & Robert: they are kind, thoughtful, friendly, and they think of everything.
- Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, AADP,
Author of Vegan Cooking For Dummies, Living Vegan For Dummies & The Great American Detox Diet

Hi, Lin, I want to thank you, Robert, and your volunteers for a delightful evening. We had an excellent audience that was really interested, and that makes all the difference. Thanks for the wonderful gift bag. The book, food, cards, flower - all so thoughtful. You made me feel like a real celebrity, only better. Angela enjoyed it as well.
You, Robert, and everyone in EVEN are awesome and I want to help you grow and thrive! ....I love you and admire how much you are accomplishing!
- Best, Janice
Janice Stanger, Ph.D.

Author of The Perfect Formula Diet

I really appreciate the literature you sent. Thank you very much. I've been veg for 3-1/2 weeks and it's not so bad. As a matter of fact, it's been much easier than I thought it would be. I feel lighter and I'm sleeping better. All thanks to you! Great recipes, too. Thanks a lot and much peace to you and your family.
- Christy, Eau Claire, WI

I went and put out fliers yesterday and made a facebook page, and we already made 130 friends plus two valuable connections with a vegetarian "bohemian" chef and a place that offers good wholesome sometimes vegetarian meals called body solutions. ...Things seem to be going waay better than I originally thought. I was thinking 20 maybe 30 people! Now I can only hope half or more come to any meetings. The ball is off to a great start! ...Once again, thank you so much for your help and support. It feels so good to have someone so nice to get information and inspiration from. I will for sure check out the links you sent me! And I def will keep in touch.
- love and peace, Jordan R., Amarillo TX

Way to go! Some retirement! Keep up the great work or you can come down here and go surfin' vegan style!
- Peace, Cal from SoCal

Your group seems very ambitious and organized. We have an active local group, too, but many good things start small. We admire your efforts and want you to know we think you should keep up the good work!
- Marilyn Wilson, Toronto CN

Hi Lin and everyone at EVEN, Congratulations on four years of excellent work! You've created a vital, positive community of people dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals, and it's a pleasure and a privilege to know you. Best of luck in the coming year, and thank you for everything you do to make the world a more humane and sustainable place. - All the best, Erin Williams, Humane Society of the United States

Dear Lin and EVEN, Congratulations on your first 4 years of great work promoting vegetarianism and animal rights to the city of Eugene and beyond. Animals are lucky to have your voices and we wish you all the best in all of your future efforts! For all animals, - Your Friends at PETA

Congratulations on EVEN's 4th anniversary. Presenter lineup is testament to your outreach successes. See you one of these days when I'm back in Eugene... Fond good wishes to you both, - Pittsburgh Annie

Congrats EVEN! Thanks for kicking butt for animals! - Chris Holbein, PETA

Congratulations on your four wonderful years of working to improve the planet and the lives of those who live on it. - Alice Anderson, Redding CA

Really grateful for the vegetarian starter kit and answering all my questions. Robert was extra helpful, too, and I appreciate his patience. Thanks for your time, Lin! - Ruth Moore, Amherst MA

Dear Lin & Robert, Thank you so much for opening EVEN, your home and your hearts to me. I so loved spending precious moments with you both---at EVEN's get-together and especially in your home. You were so gracious to share your home, your food, your yummie smoothies, your minds and your energy. Thank you! Every once in a while you connect in with special people---heart to heart and soul to soul. You are two of those rare people! Thank you for all you do for folks and for the planet. The world deserves to be inspired by you! I respect, admire and love you both. Love, Leslie
- Dr Leslie Van Romer, author Getting Into Your Pants: Add 10+10 for Life!, Sequim WA

Thank you for your admirable work. Keep it up! The California recent election was great news and no doubt a consequence of work done by groups like yours. And happy new year to you and all of your creatures great and small. :)
- Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD, Author Your Healing Diet, Austin TX

Thanks again for everything you're doing. Keep up the amazing work! - Warm Regards, Jen Riley, FARM, Bethesda MD

Hey Lin! You guys are doing such great work — congratulations! Thanks, Lin! - Erica Meier, Executive Director, Compassion Over Killing (COK), Washington DC

Thank you very much, Lin and Robert, your information was very useful and family and I thank you again. So happy you help animals and people, too. - Andrew Nicolau, Cyprus

Not only is EVEN an invaluable resource for vegans and vegetarians in the Eugene area, it is a beacon of light for so many more. Lin and Robert, your enthusiasm is infectious and your dedication inspires us. We love you and thank you. Keep rockin' and spreading the positive vibes!

Happy Cow

- Diana & Eric, HappyCow.Net and HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide to Restaurants and Health Food Stores, Los Angeles, CA

Congrats on your 3rd anniversary, EVEN!! - Chris Holbein, PETA

Dear Lin and Robert, We are pleased to award you a $500 grant to assist with your wonderful effort in promoting a vegan diet in the Eugene area. ....With best wishes on your endeavors in the new year, Alex Hershaft, FARM Sabina Fund, Farm Animal Reform Movement, Bethesda MD

You never toot your own horn, so I'll do it for you. I think you and EVEN are fabulous and doing a fantastic job on a shoestring. I do keep up with your happenings at EVEN and, as always, I'm endlessly impressed with what you are accomplishing. - Jo Stepaniak, author of many vegan books, including Vegan Vittles: Second Helpings and The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, Pittsburgh PA

It is a joy to witness Lin and Robert in action as they lovingly advance the notion of going vegan. Their commitment to the [vegan] cause and their kind approach to all who ask for help is heartwarming. The amount of work needed to run a veggie group is near phenomenal and Lin and Robert unselfishly do all that it takes to make EVEN happen. My deep thanks to them for bringing together so many compassionate, like-minded people and for providing us with a much-needed 'island of sanity'. - David Gabbe, author, teacher, chef, David's Pure Vegetarian Kitchen, Portland OR

Eugene Veg Education Network is providing vital and essential support to the general public about the most powerful and practical ways people can contribute to sustainability, peace, and the overall health of our culture. In my view, it exemplifies the best spirit of community service and selfless giving, combined with dedication and cheerful persistence. EVEN is a clear voice of reason and kindness in a world often suffering from disconnectedness and violence, and it helps people to address the roots of our culture's problems in an effective, locally-based way. Thank you, EVEN, for all you're doing to bless people, animals, and future generations! - Will Tuttle, PhD, The World Peace Diet, Healdsburg, CA

I came to Eugene to speak to the EVEN group, and I want to say how enjoyable the experience was. It is so important that we have local groups seeding the public’s consciousness with the veg*n message. And we need really nice, well-organized people to do it. EVEN fits the bill perfectly! I look forward to coming your way again. - Jonathan Balcombe, Senior Research Scientist with PCRM, author of Pleasurable Kingdom, Washington DC.

Congratulations on surviving and thriving in this world we find ourselves in. We are amazed by your outreach and inspired by your pure actions. - Bo Rinaldi and everyone at Blossoming Lotus and Vegan Fusion, Kauai and Portland OR

Keep up the good work! - Jay K., Princeton, NJ

I really enjoyed talking with you! You got me thinking and I'm going to be getting more involved again. Appreciate your encouragement.
Thanks so much! - Jolinda H. - Santa Barbara, California

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the ongoing education/enlightenment that your group provides. You are terrific! - Alice Anderson, Redding Vegetarian Society

I would like to congratulate EVEN on their 2nd anniversary! I'm amazed at all you've achieved in just 2 years. Your website looks great and I'm inspired by how active you are with organizing events. Keep up the great work! - Wanda Embar, Vegan Peace, WI

What a great job you and your group are doing. I am so impressed with the amount of work you have all done and continue to do to promote vegetarianism. Keep up the good work! - Best wishes, Roz Ostler, North American Vegetarian Society, Dolgeville, NY

Lin Silvan and Robert Jacobucci Profiled as Veggie Inspiration!

After years of working in the business world, Lin Silvan and Robert Jacobucci decided to... Read more here - Source: Meatout Mondays E-Bulletin 2-19-07 - Inspiration - FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement)

Dan Piraro

- Dan Piraro, nationally-syndicated, award-winning Bizarro cartoonist, comic and author of 14 books

The American Vegan Society sends congratulations to the Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) and its leaders Lin Silvan and Robert "BJ" Jacobucci on its impressive first year of existence. Grassroots groups such as EVEN are at the cutting edge of change. Through your efforts, information and encouragement is brought to those whose actions can benefit and make a difference to themselves, the animals, and our world. - Freya Dinshah, American Vegan Society, Malaga NJ

I am literally thrilled by your news release! What you have accomplished in one year is nothing less than amazing... and truly heartwarming. You are making a powerful case for unconditional compassion and benevolence...and you are doing it in ways that are beautifully in harmony with the spirit and values of Veganism. You have raised my confidence and my hopes, and I send you and Robert my deep appreciation. May your strength increase! - Stanley Sapon, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psycholinguistics at the University of Rochester (N.Y.), author, teacher, lecturer, educator, scientist and long-time vegan.

Congratulations on a year of focusing on making the world a kinder place. All of us at PETA salute your compassion, your spirit, your dedication, and your commitment. Here's to getting more and more effective, year by year. - Bruce Friedrich, Director of Vegan Campaigns, & all your friends at PETA

Happy birthday to EVEN's first year! That's great! Thanks for all your work and words, its great to know that there are communities out there to educate each other. - Pete Hernandez, Campaigns Assistant, Viva!USA, Bristol, UK

A ringing endorsement for EVEN! I'm glad your group is promoting a vegan lifestyle. Happy Anniversary! Thanks and best wishes, Lin and Robert. - Karen Davis, PhD, President-Director, United Poultry Concerns, Machipongo VA

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