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XOXO - EVEN Volunteer and Supporter

Veg Spotlight

Walter - EVEN Volunteer and Presenter and avid vegan cyclist!

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JoAnne - EVEN Volunteer, Supporter, Presenter and Librarian

Veg Wisdom

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. - Ansel Adams

Veg Wisdom

Suffering, no matter how multiplied, is always individual. - Anne Morrow Lindberg (1906 - 2001)

Veg Wisdom

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. - Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

Veg Wisdom

Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. - Alice Walker

Veg Wisdom

All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come. - Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Veg Wisdom

Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together. - Isaac Bashevis Singer

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~ Vegan Awareness Year (Mayoral Proclamation, City of Eugene)

~ American Vegan Magazine (American Vegan Society)

~ Volunteer of the Year (United Way)

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Today's technology has closed the information gap among people around the world, ensuring that the future of veganism will only get brighter and brighter. - Jo Stepaniak

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Veg Wisdom

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! - Theophile Gautier

Veg Spotlight

Nettie and Robert - Long-Term Even Members and Supporters

Veg Wisdom

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. - George Santayana (1863 - 1952)

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Newsletters and Announcements

EVEN has been very active since it began in March 2005, and this section is a great place to review some of what has brought us to where we are now.

The following archived newsletters and announcements are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. (Click on the date of the back issue in which you are interested.)

Read an EVEN Exclusive Interview with Neal Barnard, MD - 2/10/18

Special Presentation by Dr. Joanne Kong - 3/10/18

2017 Year-End Summary - 12/21/17

13th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Peaceful Potluck - 11/19/17

EGGS! The Incredible Inedible Egg - (Incredibly Cruel on Every Level) - 10/17/17

Ahimsa Acres Tour - 9/23/17

Helping Animals in Hurricane Harvey - Houston - 8/30/17

GOOD NEWS! New Home Found for Fanta! THANK YOU! - 8/27/17

MidSummer Night's Dream Vegan Potluck - 7/18/17

Follow up to Will Tuttle's June 24 Eugene OR lecture - 7/17/17

Will Tuttle, PhD, World Peace Diet, Healing Our World - A Deeper Look at Food - 6/24/17

Farm to Fable by Robert Grillo - Book Review by Karen Davis, PhD - 5/19/17

ALERT! Catholic School Teaches Students to Mistreat Chickens for Fun — Please Protest! - 05/17/17

10 Companies That Control Almost Everything We Eat & Drink - 4/25/17

Read an EVEN Exclusive Interview with Janice Stanger, PhD - 3/7/17

EVEN NOW Update - 3/2/2017

35 Vegan Crock-Pot Recipes to Keep You Warm & Well-Fed - 2/27/17

WANTED! Host Family for Vegan Student - 2/25/17

Arun Gandhi - Gandhi and Nonviolence: Relevance in 21st Century - 2/7/17

Inspirations from China and Asia - Dr. Will Tuttle - 2/5/17

Cheese Addiction? - Dr. Neal Barnard, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - 1/25/17

NEW BOOK! The Healthiest Diet on the Planet by Dr. John McDougall and Mary McDougall - 1/23/17

Read an EVEN Exclusive Interview with Dale Lugenbehl and Sandy Aldridge - 1/5/17

It's Not Too Late - 12/28/16

12th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck Confirmation Email - 10/17/16

The Real Truth about Health - 9/9/16

Momentous News---All Medical Schools End Animal Use for Training!! - 8/26/2016

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with Chef Fran Costigan - 8/28/16

Special Presentation by Dr. Janice Stanger - 8/20/2016

EVEN NOW Update - 8/15/2016

Special Presentation by Erica Meier - 7/23/2016

Ahimsa Acres Educational Center Tour - 6/13/2016

EVEN Receives 24 Carrot Award! - 6/13/2016

Special Presentation by Dr. Orestes Gutierrez - 6/11/16

EVEN NOW Update - 6/8/2016

Laura Oatman's Weekly Read: Memorial Day Recipes - 5/28/2016

Movie: Plant Pure Nation - 5/27/2016

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with Dr. Alan Goldhamer - 5/20/16

EVEN NOW Update - 5/11/2016

Upcoming EVENt - Dr. John McDougall - 5/5/16

20 Vegan Mother's Day Recipes - 4/15/16

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with Rev. Gary Kowalski - 4/1/16

EVEN NOW Update - 3/22/2016

EVEN Dine Out/Fundraiser at Govinda's - 3/15/16

Dairy Explained in 5 Minutes! - 3/6/16

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with lauren Ornelas - 2/29/16

EVEN NOW Update - 2/15/16

EVEN selected by American Vegan Society! 2/4/16

Cornbread Cafe Vegan Awareness Year Dineout - 2/3/16

EVEN NOW Update - 1/14/16

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson - 1/4/16

An Appeal for Your Support of Vegan Education - 12/26/15

EVEN Obtains Mayoral Proclamation Declaring 2016 as Vegan Awareness Year - 12/8/15

13 Seriously Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes - 11/25/15

11th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Peaceful Potluck plus Annual 2015 Vegan Thanksgiving Feast at Govinda's - 11/23/15

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with Brenda Davis - 11/5/15

Give Turkeys a Reason to Give Thanks - 11/4/15

Three Steps to Superior Health by Dr. Orestes Gutierrez - 10/22/15

Will Tuttle - Burning Dinner - 10/15/15

The Village School Is a Grand Prize Winner 2015 Golden Carrot Awards for National School Lunch Week - 10/13/15

14 Vegan Dorm Room Meals You Can Make, Because Being Egg- And Dairy-Free Doesn't Have To Be Difficult - 10/3/15

Read an Exclusive EVEN Interview with Gary Yourofsky - 10/1/15

EVEN NOW - The Cruelty Behind Your Ballpark Hot Dog, Animal Abuse Whistleblowers Not Criminals, 35 New Vegan Burgers by Vegan Richa - 9/19/15

Huge Victory for Rabbits! - 9/18/15

EVEN NOW September 2015

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) - Kathy Freston - 9/9/15

Vegan Nation by Cheryl Rade, Register-Guard 6/17/15

3 Steps to Superior Health - Dr. Orestes Gutierrez, DO, DABFM, DABIHM - 5/26/15

21 Vegan Barbecue Staples That'll Make Any Cookout An Herbivore's Delight PLUS Cupcakes! - 5/22/15

EVEN's 10th Anniversary Celebration - 3/28/15

Cowspiracy Infographic - 3/5/15

World Vegan Summit and Expo Comes to Marina Del Rey - 2/27/15

Read an exclusive EVEN interview with Laura Moretti - 2/16/2015

10 Animal Rights Victories of 2014 - 2/10/15

Action for Animals - 2/3/15

Vegan Cuisine Month - 2/1/2015

Football Field Size of Rainforest Destroyed Every 8 Seconds - GO VEGAN! - 1/27/15

Read an exclusive EVEN interview with John Robbins 1/15/15

EVEN NOW Update 1/11/15 Vegan News and Lots of Recipes!

How to Help the Animals and the Earth 12/28/2014

EVEN Update 12/20/14

Eggs, Milk, Cheese and Fish 12/17/2014

You can help EVEN earn donations by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards Card! 12/17/2014

Interview with Robert Grillo, Founder and Director of Free from Harm 12/1/2014

Govinda's 2014 Vegan Thanksgiving Feast 11/26/2014

The Meaning of Ahimsa by H. Jay Dinshah and an Appeal by EVEN 11/25/2014

Cornbread Cafe Harvest Feast 11/24/2014

EVEN NOW 11/22/14 Short Stack

URGENT: Make Sure Your Vote for Measure 92 Is Counted! - 11/14/14

How Thanksgiving Can Be Peaceful and Kind for EVERYONE! - 10/30/14

Vote YES on Measure 92 10/25/2014

Shop Vegan Essentials, Support EVEN and Save 10% - 10/9/14

Read Exclusive EVEN Interview with Dawn Moncrief - 10/8/2014

Shop Amazon and Support EVEN! - 10/7/14

Summary of EVEN's vegan education and outreach - 9/26/14

Announcing 3 Important Events: Portland VegFest, Cowspiracy, GMO OMG - 9/24/14

EVEN VEGAN Dine Out - TH, 8/21/14

Read Exclusive EVEN Interview with Dr Richard Oppenlander - 1/4/14

9th Annual Thanksgiving Peaceful Vegan Potluck - 11/24/13

Read Exclusive EVEN Interview with Priscilla Feral - 11/22/13

Dr Oppenlander - Climate Change: The Path to Resolution - 11/16/13

9th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Peaceful Potluck - 11/4/13

Happy Autumn from EVEN - We're Moving Forward! - 11/1/13

David A. Gabbe - Creating a Compassionate Thanksgiving - 10/24/13

The Vegg-Holiday Newsletter 2013 - 10/23/13

Forks Over Knives - Bijou Art Cinemas - 10/3/13

Will Tuttle, PhD, The World Peace Diet - 10/2/13

Just a quickie! EVEN NOW 9/26/13

NW Veg and Other Events - 9/17/13

Read Exclusive EVEN Interview with Tom Regan

Winners, Website and a Wonderful World 8/31/13

EVEN NOW 8/30/13

Vegan Share Fair - 8/22/13

Protest the Abuse and Cruelty at the Cottage Grove Rodeo - 7/9/13

First Timers/Long Timers Vegan Potluck - 6/27/13

Settling The Soy Controversy - by Dr. Neal Barnard, President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - 5/24/13

McDougall Breaking News - Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy - 5/17/13

How to Enhance Your Health with Raw Superfoods - 5/23/13

EVEN NOW Update 4/15/13

EVEN Celebrates 8th Anniversary - 3/2/13

Hidden in Plain Bite: The Impact of Factory Farming by Katie Cantrell, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition - 2/18/13

8th Annual Cruelty-Free Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck - 11/18/12

A Race for Life---from Cancer to the Ironman by Dr. Ruth Heidrich 9/27/12

Eugene Mayor Declares 9/29 and 9/30/12 as Vegan Awareness Weekend - 9/14/12

EVEN NOW Update 9/12/12

Vegan Share Fair - 8/23/12

West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue - 8/7/12

EVEN NOW Update 7/24/12

Food for the Body, Mind, Soul: A Vegan Diet by Dr. Orestes Gutierrez 7/26/12

EVEN NOW Update 6/27/12

Ask the Vegan Doctor - 6/18/12

Interview with Dan Piraro - 6/14/12

Introducing the Vegg - A Vegan Egg Yolk - 6/9/12

Why Twinkies Are Cheaper Than Carrots by John Robbins - 6/1/12

Susan O'Brien Reading and Booksigning - 5/5/12

Spring Potluck and Robert's 70th Birthday - 4/26/12

No Happy Cows by John Robbins - 4/3/12

Update on Ag-Gag Bills - 3/15/12

Great American Meatout All Vegan Potluck 3/22/12

Press Release - EVEN announces 7th Anniversary - 3/8/12

Ideal Medicine: The Healing Power of a Vegan Diet 2/23/12

More About Annual Cruelty-Free Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck 11/20/11

Annual Cruelty-Free Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck 11/20/11

Interview with Will Tuttle, PhD 11/1/11

Debunking the 10 Myths of Veganism by Dr. Orestes Gutierrez 10/27/11

McCruelty Protest 10/8/11

EVEN NOW Update 10/1/11

Interview with Julia Butterfly Hill 9/26/11

Two Great Portland Events! September 16, 17, 18, 2011

EVEN NOW Newsletter 8/26/11

Ringling Brothers Circus Demonstration - August 26, 27, 28 - 2011

Cornbread Cafe Grand Re-Opening 8/13/11

Personal Food Choices and Climate Change by Dale Lugenbehl and Sandy Aldridge 7/28/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 7/26/11

Interview with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau 7/14/11

Midsummer Night's Dream Vegan Potluck 6/30/11

Mercy for Animals Farm to Fridge 6/1/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 6/24/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 5/11/11

David's Vegan Home Cooking by David A. Gabbe 5/3/11

Have Your Cake and Vegan Too Booksigning by Kris Holechek 4/30/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 4/21/11

News and Articles from John Robbins 3/26/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 03/23/11

Got the Facts on Milk? The Milk Documentary

Great American Meatout Vegan Potluck

EVEN 6th Anniversary Celebration 3/1/11

Press Release - EVEN announces 6th Anniversary

EVEN NOW Newsletter 2/24/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 02/04/11

EVEN NOW Newsletter 11/16/10

Vegan Cooking for Dummies by Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, AADP 11/18/10

EVEN NOW Newsletter 10/28/10

Scatter Vegan Sweets by Wendy Gabbe Day - 10/19/10

EVEN Dineout - Govinda's Vegetarian Buffet - 9/29/10

EVEN NOW Newsletter 9/17/10

Update - Portland VegFest 2010 9/18/10

Portland VegFest 2010 9/18/10

Reversing Diabetes 8/7/10

EVEN NOW 8/31/10 Newsletter

Janice Stanger 8/31/10 Presentation

Dairy-Free Ice Cream Celebration in Eugene 7/25/10

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau 6/27/10

SARA's 6/27/10 Parking Lot Sale

Be a Dog Defender: Save Dogs This Summer! 6/21/10

Alex Jamieson 7/9/10 Presentation

Veggie Brothers 6/21/10

Campbell Coalition 6/21/10

PETA 6/25/10 Demonstration

Vegetarian July 7-11 Summerfest

Animal Rights July 15-19 Conference

Healthy School Meals 6/2/10

Announcing Garbanzo Grill 6/1/10

John Robbins Article 5/17/10

VRG News - Part Time Job 5/5/10

EVEN NOW 4/20/10

Victory!!!! The World Peace Diet hits #1 on Amazon.com! 3/14/10

EVEN NOW 3/11/10

Vote "Absolutely Not!" on Fur 2/20/10

EVEN NOW 2/19/10

Worth Meyers - Celebration of Life
Worth Myers was an EVEN supporter and member. He was a wonderful human being with a keen mind and a big heart, and he will be greatly missed!

EVEN NOW 1/6/10

Annual Thanksgiving Day Vegan Feast 11/26/09

EVEN NOW 10/23/09

Portland VegFest - 9/19/09


EVEN NOW 5/20/09

EVEN news clips 4/30/09

EVEN 4th Anniversary Celebration 3/2/09

Press Release - EVEN announces 4th Anniversary! 2/28/09

Erin Williams 2-2-09

EVEN News Clips 1/30/09
Saving Animals and the Planet with Your Fork
A Message from Dr. Leslie Van Romer to Y-O-U!
Processed People
VegTube - Obama on the Vegan Question
Diners Looking for Green Dining
The Fat Vegan
Congratulations, Mountain Rose Herbs!
Vegetarians in Paradise
One Can Make A Difference by Ingrid Newkirk
Vegetarian Resource Group's Vegetarian Journal Online!!
Thank yous!
Vegan Yumyum Recipes
So Delicious Yogurt by Turtle Mountain

EVEN Alert 1/09

EVEN News Clips 1/15/09
Vegan School Lunches - FARM Alert! - LAST CHANCE!
Documentary Screening - Seeing Through the Fence
Portland MOGO Group
VegNews on Alanis Morisette
Ginger Carlson Welcomes New Baby Girl!
Getting Into Your Pants! 1/5/09
VeganRama 2008 – 12/1/08
Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Cooking by Bennett/Sammartano
Please return your past-due library books!
Thank yous!
Saving Animals and the Planet with Your Fork 2/2/09

Veg Survey from UT-Austin Student 1/14/09

EVEN 4th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Peaceful Potluck 11/23/08

EVEN NOW 10/28/08
Humane Society of US (HSUS)
Vote YES on California Proposition 2
New York Times "The Barnyard Strategist" by Maggie Jones
10 Pigs Rescued in Midwest Floods Find Permanent Refuge in Oregon
Farm Sanctuary Brings Animals to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio
Farm Sanctuary
Get a Leg Up on Turkey Activism
In Defense Of Animals
Sign up to support IDA's work and receive free e-newsletters
Meat: Making Global Warming Worse
FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)
Free Vegetarian Starter Kit
Free Meatout Mondays e-newsletters
McDougall's 5-day Accelerated Learning & Powerful Motivation Program
Star McDougaller Video
Messages from PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)
Ratatouille in Eugene – Now Open for Lunch!
Vegan Cooking Class at Unity of the Valley
Food Frenzy This Fall by Liz Howard
David Gabbe's Vegetarian Cooking Class
International Year of the Potato
Thank You!
Beverly Lynn Bennett to Speak at EVEN 11/3
4th Annual Thanksgiving Peaceful Vegan Potluck 11/23
EVEN's Calendar for EVENts in December, January, February!!
Happy Dancing Video

EVEN NOW 10/13/08
Calling All Volunteers
Thank You
Be Sure to Mark Your Calendars
Another Gift from Will Tuttle
Don't Forget Oprah 10/14/08

EVEN NOW 5/29/08
Calling All Volunteers!!!
Check out EVEN's Website
Mark Your Calendars
Dan Piraro Cartoon

EVEN NOW 5/26/08
Upcoming Event
Oprah Goes Vegan For 21 Days!
A Message From Will Tuttle, PhD
Essential Fatty Acids
As Happy As A Cow
2008 Vegetarian Summerfest
NW Animal Rights Conference
Animal Rights 2008 Conference
Colorado Bans Cruel Veal and Gestation Crates
Farm Sanctuary - A Compassionate World Begins With You
Does This Look Like Art To You?
National Egg Month...And While You're At It...
Wandering Goat Organic Coffee Roasters
DariFree - Non Dairy Milk Alternative By Vance's Foods
Three Forks Wok & Grill
Help the World's Most Abused Animals
Letters to the Editor Can Rock Someone's World:
      * Soy Not the Problem
      * Cruel Rodeo
Food Signatures!
      * Roommate Needed
      * Wanted: Vegans!
Attention! No July Gathering - Holiday - 7/7/08
Pure Inspiration
In Appreciation
Why Did You Go Veg?
Hope to See You June 2!

EVEN NOW 5/7/08
Northwest Vegfest May 9-10, 2008
Ginger Carlson Book Signing May 10
A Sprouting Class
Holy Cow Stays At Uo Campus!
Dr. John McDougall - A Primer In Nutrition
Mary McDougall - Great Recipes

EVEN NOW 4/28/08
Upcoming EVENt 5-5-08
A Primer in Nutrition
Animals in Laboratories
Northwest Veg Group 2008 Vegfest
Getting into Your Pants!
International Respect for Chickens Day
Meatout Mondays
Introducing veganworld.com
Stop Global Warming
Dr. John Gobble 6/2/08
Animal Rights 2008 Conference
Sign Petition to Oprah
Comic Relief

EVEN NOW 4/4/08
Upcoming EVENt 4-7-08
Protecting Our Planet---And Animals---
One Meal At A Time
Something To Think On! Dr. John McDougall
Take Action On Federal Downed Animal Legislation
Take the Veg Vow Now with PCRM
Northwest Veg Group 2008 Vegfest
Vegan Bites - Recipes For Singles
Govinda's - Amazing Veg Buffet
Cooking Classes by David Gabbe
What's Happening?
Thank You
Hope to see you April 7!

EVEN NOW 2/22/08
Upcoming EVENt 3-3-08
SETA Bake Sale
PETA's Action Center Alert
Message from Kim Heddinger of Golden Realty
Healthy Shopping Excursion
Wellsprings Friends School - Benefit
Northwest Veg Group's 2008 VegFest
More Good News from Tasty Bite
Largest Beef Recall in US History

EVEN NOW 02/21/08
EVEN Celebrates 3rd Anniversary!
Upcoming EVENt 3-3-08
Mountain Rose Herbs Honored
In Defense of Animals - You Tube
An Offer from Tasty Bite
Diabetes Epidemic Reversed with Diet
Rethinking the Meat Guzzler
The Meatrix - Back by Popular Demand
Eco Logical Culture Change and Neighborhoods
Recipe - Corn Chowder
Cooking Class with David Gabbe
Nina Strohlic - An "A" on Veg Paper
Great American Meatout
Thank Yous

EVEN NOW 01/23/08
Upcoming EVENt 2-4-08
Thank You: Presenters, Donors, New Members, Renewing Members, Business, Volunteers
Follow Up from Ken Viscidi - Berg's
Eugene Holiday Market
Thank you, Capella Market
Healing Cancer from the Inside Out by Mike Anderson
IDA - Northwest Update - Nicotine Research on Baby Monkeys
McDougall Newsletter - Where do you get your protein?
Something Spicy This Way Comes by Robin Robertson
Classic Superbowl Munchies Made Veg by Jolinda Hackett
Dr. Terri Shintani Video from Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
Other Free Lecture Videos from Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
Dan Piraro Shout Out
Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn
Circus News from PETA
Recipe: Vegan Whipped Cream
Top 10 Reasons to Stop Live Animal Labs - PCRM
The Real Forbidden Fruit by Jeff Popick
Quotation - True human goodness...
Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant
Ratatouille's Bistro & Cafe
Robert Cheeke Always Raises the Bar
Happy Cow
Vegetarians in Paradise 9th Anniversary
Call for Volunteers
Is It Compassionate? - Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotation

EVEN NOW 11/17/07
EVEN at Eugene Holiday Market
Thank you, Capella Market
Thank you, Pat & Lorry Rather
Great Thanksgiving and Holiday Recipes
Natural Choice Directory
Ivy Liberko, EVEN Member, Makes KVAL News
Nutrition MD
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Something Fishy
Animal Liberation Speaker, Peter Young, 12/6/06, UO, 6pm
Message from Ken Viscidi - Berg's
Message from Bob Linden - Go Vegan Radio
Message from UO SETA Co-Dir., Carrie Freeman, on Holy Cow Cafe
December EVEN Gathering - VeganRama-Cooking Demos
September Appreciation Potluck Follow Up
Thank you, Divine Cupcake
Together Again - Eugene and Govinda's
Ratatouille Bistro & Cafe Opens
Another Worthwhile Read - Please Don't Eat Me
VRG Scholarship Opportunity
Thank You, EVEN Volunteers
How You Can Help EVEN
3rd Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Peaceful Potluck

EVEN NOW 05/04/07
May Calendar of Events
Review of Earth Day 2007
Earth Day Raffle Winners
Leather: Dead Skin, Environmental Nightmare
Petition: Ask the Pope Not to Wear Fur
Greenpeople - Online Green Directory
Supporting Community and Local Agriculture
Recipe - Chocolate Dream
Thank yous
Visit EVEN www.eugeneveg.org

EVEN NOW 04/11/07
May 7 Speaker – Robert Cheeke
Thank you April Speakers – Robert Jacobucci and Jason Waligoske
Door Prize Winners
Thank You, Nick. Happy Birthday, JoAnne.
Earth Day 2007
Calling All Volunteers
Every Day Is Earth Day
Farm Sanctuary Campaigns Woke Wolfgang Puck
A Message from Compassion Over Killing
Morningstar Farms
Message from V-Dog Dog Food
EVEN Sponsors PCRM's Jonathan Balcombe, PhD
Thank Yous
Tell EVEN Why You Went Veg
Postponed: EVEN's 4/15 Shopping Day at New Frontier
VISIT EVEN AT www.eugeneveg.org
Frequently Asked Questions
Happy Earth Day from EVEN to you!

EVEN NOW 03/21/07
Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy Introduces EVEN's 2nd Anniversary Celebration...
         and A Festival of Speakers...
         and Vegan Food...
         and Wonderful People!
April Speakers:
         Robert Jacobucci
         Jason Waligoske
March Dineout - Laughing Planet
Great American Meatout 2007
         Why Kick the Meat Habit?
Earth Day 2007
PIELC 2007
LCC Sustainability Fair
Welcome New Members
Free Meditation Classes
Global Mindshift Link
Great Places to Eat in Eugene...
         and Portland
Message from PETA to Al Gore
FAO Report Links Eating Animals to Global Warming
Vegetarianism is the New Prius
EVEN Sponsors Jonathan Balcombe, PhD, PCRM May 13
Chinese New Year of the Pig
Toronto Veg Association Sponsors Tofu Haiku Contest
Shop New Frontier Grocery April 15
Recipe: Rice Milk
Vegan Potluck
Thank Yous
Can You Share the Change?
Message from Dan Piraro of Bizarro Fame/Animals Voice Magazine
Please Lend EVEN a Hand
April 2 EVEN Monthly Gathering
Love Comes in All Sizes
www.eugeneveg.org - Visit EVEN's Website

EVEN NOW 03/01/07
www.eugeneveg.org - Visit EVEN's Website
March 5 - EVEN's 2nd Anniversary Celebration
Thank you, Ingrid Newkirk, PETA - 1/29/07 visit
Thank you, Sister Kiran, February Speaker
Welcome Renewing Members and New Members
February Dineout - Lotus Garden
PCRM Alert - Drink Milk Lose Weight Diet
PCRM Videos Available on You Tube
PETA Victory: No More Foie Gras at Giant Eagle
EVEN Tabling:
         25th Annual PIELC
         LCC Sustainability Fair
Red Barn Customer Appreciation Day of Giving
Vegan Potluck
Thank yous
Can You Spare the Change? Share the Change?
March 5 - EVEN's 2nd Anniversary Celebration

EVEN NOW 01/09/07
January Dineout - Big Hit
Sister Kiran, February Speaker
Happy Healthy Veg Birthdays
Red Barn Customer Appreciation Day of Giving
Vegan Potluck
Apartment for Rent
Let's Go to the Theater - Larry Fried
Vegan Catering by Mother Mary
What to Eat Before and After Workouts by Ryan Andrews RD
Free as a Bird? Not in the Egg Industry!
Did You Know That?
Frequently Asked Question
Tabling at Capella Market
Sandy Itzkowitz - Amazing Recovery
EVEN's website Right Around the Corner
Welcome Renewing Members and New Members

EVEN NOW 12/27/06
January DineOut - Jade Palace
Heartfelt Thank You, Wendy Liberko, December Speaker
Door Prize Winners
A Message from Farm Sanctuary
For Rent - SeaRose Guest House
For Sale - Vegan Shoes
Job Opportunities Available
Brahma Kumaris Free Class
Animal Cruelty
Final Call for Service Directory
Spread Compassion This Holiday Season
Great Holiday Dishes
EVEN Appreciation Potluck
Answer to Frequently Asked Question
Volunteers Needed
Become an EVEN Member or Renew
"Free Hugs Campaign" Voted #1 Favorite EVEN Email

EVEN NOW 11/30/06
Wendy Liberko, Upcoming December Speaker
Vegan Potluck
Jade Palace Dineout
Artificial Sweeteners Unnecessary and Unwise
The Raw Raw Girls
Welcome Renewing Member and New Members
Rich Richardson - Star McDougaller
AETA -- Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
veganchef.com and americanvegan.org
Love and Light Candles
Historic AZ Vote Bans Cruel Crates for Veal Calves and Pregnant Pigs
Vegetarian Journal - articles available online
Door Prize Winners
Thank yous
Become an EVEN Member or Volunteer

EVEN NOW 09/01/06
Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Class Series
Free Meditation Classes
Reminder - No EVEN meeting September

EVENing News 04/03/06
Lauren C. Regan, AAL, April Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Dr. Jerry Evans, March Speaker
EVEN 1st Anniversary
Charlotte Childress to Speak in May
EVEN Monthly Gathering
George Eisman Speaks At EVEN Meatout
Most of Us Are Environmentalists, Until We Sit Down to Eat
The Clock is Always Ticking
What Is Missing? by Robert Jacobucci
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
EVEN Sponsors Dan Piraro of Bizarro
Support United Poultry Concerns
EVEN Service Directory
Red Barn Customer Appreciation Day of Giving
Anniversary Greetings from EVEN Friends & Supporters
Raffle Winners
The Optimystic Vegan by Nadine Petersen
Recipe: Papa's Northwest Tempeh
Ivy's Vegetarian Cooking
Protest Shrine Circus
Thank You EVEN Volunteers
Lending Library
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
Become a Member of EVEN

EVENing News 03/06/06
Jerry Evans, DC, March Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Jan Spencer, February Speaker
EVEN Celebrates 1st Anniversary
Lauren Regan to Speak in April
Great American MeatOut
Why MeatOut?
EVEN Sponsors George Eisman for Great American MeatOut
Farm Sanctuary
Making A Difference by Robert Jacobucci
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
Energy Wellness Classes
Portland VegFest EVEN Sponsors Dan Piraro of Bizarro
EVEN Monthly Gathering
Raffle Winners
EVEN Service Directory
Frequently Asked Questions
The Optimystic Vegan by Nadine Petersen
Recipe: Easy Marinara Sauce
Interview with Jo Stepaniak - VIP 24 Carrot Award Recipient
Monroe Street Café
Lending Library
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
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EVENing News 02/06/06
Jan Spencer, February Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Ty Bell, January Speaker
Raffle Winners
Dr. Jerry Evans to Speak in March
The Optimystic Vegan by Nadine Petersen
Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Oregon Passes Dissection Alternatives Law
Around the Corner (Calendar)
         Peace & Sustainability Series
         EVEN Monthly Gatherings
         Vegan Potluck
         Great American MeatOut
         Portland VegFest
         Red Barn Customer Appreciation Day of Giving
What's Free About Free-Range?
Bird Flu
Marcus Math
DC Group Makes Waves (COK)
EVEN Service Directory
Happening People
         Fitness at its Finest - Robert Cheeke
         Got Energy? - Anita Dilles
         Shining Star - Beverly Lynn Bennett
         Youthful Vision - Ivy Rose Liberko
         Getting Clued In - Charlotte Childress
In the Know with Jo
         Sharing the Table with Meat Eaters by Jo Stepaniak
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
Volunteers Needed
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EVENing News 01/02/06
Ty Bell, January Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Karla Cohen, December Speaker
Raffle Winners
Jan Spencer to Speak in February
The Optimystic Vegan by Nadine Petersen
What's Your Story?
Recipe: Tomato-Lentil Soup with Brown Rice
EVEN Service Directory
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
EVEN Monthly Gathering
Vegan Potluck
Bizarro Cartoon
EVEN Welcomes Nick Kress
Welcome New Members
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
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EVENing News 12/05/05
Karla Cohen, December Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Karen Booth, November Speaker
Toby's Tofu
Raffle Winners
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
EVEN Monthly Gathering
Ty Bell to Speak in January
Capella Market
1st Annual Peaceful Thanksgiving Potluck
Strike for Peace
Monroe Street Café
Sundance Natural Foods - Work is Love Made Visible
Surata Soyfoods
National Organic Standards
Happy Cow Vegetarian Guide
Happy Cow/Blossoming Lotus Essay Contest
The Optimystic Vegan by Nadine Petersen
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
EVEN Service Directory
Recipe: Cake-Like Chocolate Chip Cookies
Happy Cow/Blossoming Lotus Essay Contest
Vegan World Fusion Cuisine
Holiday Shopping/The Food Revolution
Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Living
Year End Thank Yous to EVEN Supporters
Bumper Stickers
EVEN Side of Things

EVENing News 11/07/05
Karen Booth, RD, November Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Patricia Robinett, October Speaker
Fantastic Foods
Raffle Winners
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
1st Annual Peaceful Thanksgiving Potluck
Natural Awakenings Magazine
Karla Cohen to Speak in December
Happy Cow/Blossoming Lotus Essay Contest
EVEN Monthly Gathering
Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?
VRG Scholarship Contest
8000+ Animals Rescued in Katrina's Wake
SETA Sponsors Peaceable Kingdom viewing at UO
Recipe: Ron Pickarski's Pate Francais,
         Roasted Vegetable Consomme,
         Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, & Cranberries,
         Hot Pear Cider
EVEN Service Directory
Zits Cartoon
Liquid Candy
Hard Facts on Soft Drinks
Cities Ban Soda in Schools
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
Veg Diets for Children
Children & Veganism
What About Protein?
What About Calcium?
Osteoporosis from 101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian
Diet for a New America Video in EVEN Library
EVEN Welcomes Linda Sappington
Lending Librarian, JoAnne Kress
Wish List
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EVENing News 10/03/05
Patricia Robinett, October Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Dave Duemler, August Speaker
Generous Bread Stop Bread
Tasty Earth Balance
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
October 1 - World Vegetarian Day
November 1 - World Vegan Day
Vegan Society England & American Vegan Society
Atkins Files Bankruptcy
Selling Sickness by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels
Recipe: Celene's Celestial Stew
Raffle Winners
Charlottesville Virginia 9th Annual Vegetarian Festival
EVEN Monthly Gathering
Happy Cow/Blossoming Lotus Essay Contest
Hunting - Unfair Game
Bizarro Comic
EVEN Service Directory
New Frontier Market
Greenhill Humane Society
Vegan Potluck
Spotlight on Karen & Wesley
1st Annual Peaceful Thanksgiving Potluck
The Food Revolution by John Robbins
EVEN Better - Thank Yous
More Incredible Resources
Philosophy of Vegan Values by Stanley Sapon, PhD
EVEN Welcomes JoAnne Kress
Free Veg Magazines
Volunteers Needed
Wish List
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EVENing News 08/01/05
Dave Duemler, August Speaker
Heartfelt Thank You, Dale & Sandy, June Speakers
Happy Cow/Blossoming Lotus Essay Contest
Generous Toby's Family Foods
Nifty Bagelsphere
Peace & Sustainability Lecture Series
Red Barn Customer Appreciation Day
Free Veg Magazines
The Food Revolution by John Robbins
Vegan Picnic
Vegan Potluck
Many Thanks
Raffle Winners
Lending Library
Rising Moon Organics
Friendly Street Market
Milk No Longer Recommended or Required
Pediatrics Study Shatters Milk Myth
More Incredible Websites
Are You Freecycling Yet?
Recipe: Pasta Salad II
Wish List
Volunteers Needed
Help Wanted

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