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Vegan Share Fair 2013

Linda from Turtle Island/Tofurky

Stacy - EVEN Volunteer - for Parma! Vegan Parmesan

Dick of Greenfield Farm

Aaron from Amy's Kitchen

Kate and Hilliard - EVEN Volunteers - for Gardein Garden Protein

Dr. Orestes Gutierrez - Gutierrez Holistic Family Medicine

Lin and Robert

Emily - EVEN Volunteer - for Yogi Tea

Adam - EVEN Voulunteer

Sandy - EVEN Volunteer - for Tofutti

Cheyenne from Genesis Juice/Toby's Family Foods

Cliff and Mary - EVEN Volunteers - for EDEN Foods

Stephan - EVEN Volunteer

New people

Happy visitors

Trying new things

Tasting new foods

Exploring new information

Lots of folks --- new and old ---

Sampling new products

Reading vegan info

Entering free raffle

Getting new answers to important questions

Robert offers veg starter kit to inquiring visitor

Interested attendee cutie samples delicious Tofutti Cutie

Rodolfo - EVEN member and happy participant

Handouts and takeaways galore!

Hardly any elbow room...

...but everyone's so friendly. (Thank goodness!)

Emily provides Yogi Tea samples to all.

Stacy offers vegan Parma! hors d'oeuvres --- vegan parmesan on fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

Linda hands out vegan recipe book

See? Everyone's happy because when you go vegan, no body gets hurt!

Jamie - EVEN Volunteer. Free EVEN Raffle for Keystone Cafe gift certificates.

Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who kindly participated in EVEN's Vegan Share Fair 2013:

  • Amy's Kitchen
  • Eden Organics
  • Gardein Garden Protein
  • Genesis Organic Juice/Toby's Family Foods
  • Greenfield Farm
  • Gutierrez Holistic Family Medicine
  • Parma! Vegan Parmesan
  • Tofutti
  • Turtle Island Tofurky
  • Yogi Tea

Thank you to the Keystone Café for generously donating gift certificates for EVEN's free raffle!

For Vegetarian Starter Kits, Recipe Booklets, Magazines, DVDs, Books, Nutritional Information and numerous other vegan handouts, EVEN sends thanks to the following caring and supportive groups:

  • American Vegan Society
  • Compassion Over Killing
  • Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
  • Healthy Green Pages Directory
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
  • Vegetarian Resource Group

Thank you to McNail-Riley House, Eugene Weekly for special promotion, and Marilynn for extra tables and tablecloths!

Thank you to EVEN's reliable and amazing volunteers - Linda, Hilliard, Kate, Stacy, Sandy, Jamie, Emily, Mary, Cliff, Shirley, Stephan and Adam!

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