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The 1950's American dream of owning a mink coat is as dead as the 60 mink killed to make that coat. - Trish Donnally

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Many things made me become a vegetarian, among them the higher food yield as a solution to world hunger. - John Denver

Ty Bell

Ty Bell

Ty Bell is a natural and healthy living enthusiast who has interests in peace, spirituality and healing.

Ty has a bachelor's degree in religious studies from CSU-Chico where he studied mysticism and spiritual nutrition. He also studied and practiced yoga for five years during which time he learned a great deal about holistic nutritional healing from the ancient Essene and Ayurvedic traditions.

Ty has been an active member of the Eugene community for over a year, working to educate people about the healing powers of superfoods like spirulina, maca and camu-camu.

He works as a sales representative for two companies that offer organic & wildcrafted whole food supplements. His job gives him the opportunity to set up tables in natural food and grocery stores and give free superfood samples in the spirit of love, light and service. In this way he has helped many people on their healing journeys.

He is grateful for the support the community has given him and hopes to continue his work here in Eugene for years to come.

As we begin a new year and so frequently focus on our health at this time, Ty will be an especially welcome addition to that thinking tonight. He will shed light on some easy, natural and simple alternatives to getting and staying healthy with his presentation, Healing with Superfoods. xx

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