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Toby - EVEN Member and Staunch Animal Rights Advocate

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Though not directly leading me to veganism, my mother instilled in me the importance of doing whatever we can, even if modest, to ease the suffering of those less-fortunate and in pain. - David Gabbe

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Chris - EVEN Member and Volunteer


Americans consume a million animals an hour. Every second, 300 living beings are slaughtered for food.
Source: Orange County People for Animals

Veg Wisdom

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Veg Wisdom

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. - Albert Einstein

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~ 24 Carrot Award (Vegetarians in Paradise)

~ Vegan Awareness Year (Mayoral Proclamation, City of Eugene)

~ American Vegan Magazine (American Vegan Society)

~ Volunteer of the Year (United Way)

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Jeanette - EVEN Member and Volunteer

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Tiffany, Jordan and Emery - EVEN Supporters and Advocates

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The Golden Rule is of no use to you whatever unless you realize that it is your move. - Dr. Frank Crane, Presbyterian minister (1861 - 1928)

Veg Wisdom

When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this creature [who] was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning? - Marv Levy

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I am thinking of the many who are still holding their sense of mercy in check for fear of social disapproval. I kept mine in check for too long. And each time I let it out, I felt the pressure to conform - true enough. What helped me? It was seeing others speak out, be ridiculed, and have the courage and inner certainty to speak out again and again. If we can be desensitized to animals' pain, then we can also desensitize ourselves to being ridiculed and pressured.
     - Judy Carman, American Writer (Peace to All Beings, Veggie Soup for the Chicken's Soul) and Activist

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29. Keep us updated with your current contact info (adjust spam filters so EVEN emails aren't blocked out)
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33. Share the wealth that is the abundance of a veg diet!
34. Treat yourself to one of EVEN's free e-newsletters online.
35. Post an EVEN flyer somewhere (preferably indoors) where others can see it.
36. Give out veg literature, starter kits and recipes to others.

You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.
    - Fred Rogers, TV Host, Educator, Minister, Songwriter (1928 - 2003)

Stephan - EVEN Volunteer and Office Support

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