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Dawn Moncrief

Founding Director,
A Well-Fed World,
Food Justice and Animal Advocate

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Dr. Leslie Van Romer - EVEN Member, Donor and Presenter speaks to EVEN guests about "Getting Into Your Pants ---in 90 Days or Less"

Veg Wisdom

If you visit the killing floor of a slaughterhouse, it will brand your soul for life. - Howard Lyman

Veg Wisdom

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. - Jacques Deval (1895-1972)

Veg Wisdom

You are the master of your own choices and either the beneficiary of or the slave to the consequences. - Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Veg Wisdom

When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. When he destroys one of the works of god we call him a sportsman. - Joseph Wood Krutch (1893-1970)

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Veg Wisdom

The world is not going to change overnight, nor in my lifetime, nor in my grandchildren's lifetime. But it will change, if we change, not for a day or a year, but for a lifetime. Yes, it will change, if we change. - Tom Regan, Read EVEN's exclusive interview with Tom HERE.

Veg Wisdom

I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil. - Charles Mayo (1865-1939)