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--- EVEN - Serving as
a vegan resource
since 2005 ---

Veg Spotlight

Leah, Jim, Kim - EVEN Supporters and Volunteers

Veg Spotlight

Sandy and Dale - Long Term EVEN Donors, Presenters and Volunteers

Veg Spotlight

Linda, Hilliard, Robert, Stacy, Jay - EVEN Long-Term Members and Volunteers

Veg Spotlight

Stephan - EVEN Volunteer and Office Support

Veg Spotlight

Linda - EVEN Member, Donor, Supporter and Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Leah - EVEN Member, Donor and Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Mary Faith - EVEN Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Sofi - age 14

Maria - age 11

Boone - age 10

Healthy, vegan sisters and brother!

Veg Spotlight

Cassidy - age 9

Silas - age 4

Faden - age 3

Healthy, vegan brothers!

Veg Spotlight

Adeline - EVEN volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Nadine - EVEN Member, Volunteer and Presenter

EVEN Featured In:

~ 24 Carrot Award (Vegetarians in Paradise)

~ Vegan Awareness Year (Mayoral Proclamation, City of Eugene)

~ American Vegan Magazine (American Vegan Society)

~ Volunteer of the Year (United Way)

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Veg Spotlight

Adam - EVEN Volunteer and Supporter

Veg Spotlight

Monica Jean - EVEN Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Jeanette - EVEN Member and Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Eric - Long-term EVEN Member and Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Heidi - EVEN Volunteer with daughter, Tatum

Veg Spotlight

Emily - EVEN Volunteer

Veg Spotlight

Jamie - EVEN Member and Volunteer

Veg Wisdom

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill

Veg Wisdom

May all that have life be delivered from suffering. - Buddha

About EVEN > Volunteers

EVEN is a 100% volunteer organization!

Back Row - Linda, Stacy, Jay, Sandy
Middle Row - Mary Faith, Lin, Hilliard, Linda, Mary, Jeanette, Leah, Jim
Front Row - Adam, Stephan, Robert, Heidi
(Not Shown - Eric, Cliff, Kate)
— Stacey Willits Photography —

If you have time and
skills to offer,
let us know.


EVEN has a wonderful crew of dedicated and talented volunteers all of whom do whatever needs to be done and they do it with a smile and a great generosity of spirit. Some are in the spotlight, some in the trenches, and some are behind the scenes. But wherever they are, they all help to make EVEN work. Meet some of them here.

Linda S. - Our "Hostess with the Mostest" is likely to be the first warm and welcoming person who greets you at any gathering and she has played a consistently reliable and key role in various other EVENts as well. A long-term volunteer and quite the dynamo, Linda handles EVEN's free door prizes, the ever-burgeoning email list, memberships, donations, various record-keeping, and a host of other administrative and secretarial details in the most cordial and efficient manner. Her winning hospitality and eye for detail is well known. (EVEN was happy to have Linda as a presenter in March '07's Festival of Speakers.)

Eric - We know of no other vegan musician so talented and so devoted to both veganism and his music. He has graced EVEN and EVEN's Special Events on many occasions since 2005 and is always willing to go the extra mile. He is a long term EVEN member and his music and his kindness cast a brilliant light for everyone to enjoy. We are so fortunate to know him and are grateful for his ongoing support of EVEN.

Jay & Stacy - These two hard-working volunteers have brought their upbeat dispositions and broad smiles to every EVEN gathering since 2008. They are super-reliable and helpful on every occasion, and they attend to the details of whatever needs to be done while maintaining their positive attitudes. They are dedicated in a very heartfelt way and each of them works diligently to advance the vegan cause. We are delighted (and grateful!) to have them on-board and are appreciative for the huge amount of time and energy they donate as EVEN volunteers.

Sandy is a long-term EVEN member and volunteer who brings with her an unwavering dedication to veganism and excellent people skills. She can mentor you or coach you or just make you feel wonderful about yourself at whatever stage of the vegan path you are on. A seasoned vegan, Sandy brings years of experience and info to everything she does and her upbeat disposition makes you want to spend as much time with her as possible. EVEN is fortunate to have yet another volunteer with a positive attitude and genuine willingness to advance the vegan movement.

Mary and Cliff - We thank our lucky stars the day Mary and Cliff walked into our lives. They volunteered at an EVENt and then volunteered again and again! They are both exceptional when working with others and their kind-hearted dispositions make them a welcome addition to the EVEN volunteer team. It's fun to have them around at any EVEN affair because they are reliable, genuine and work so darned hard. We appreciate and feel blessed to have them on-board!

Heidi - When you've got work to do, Heidi is the one you want beside you! She can do everything and she does it accurately and quickly and with class. Her attitude is so positive throughout an entire project, it hardly feels like work. She is another pleasant and helpful face when EVEN tables, she writes like a pro, and she can surf the web like a true champion of veganism. EVEN is fortunate again to have a joyful volunteer like Heidi on the EVEN team.

Linda F. - The words dependable and professional easily come to mind when Linda is given a project. She is a very fast learner and puts her heart and soul into whatever work needs to be done. You can count on her to show up and participate and get the job done right the first time. She greets everyone with a big smile and is eager to listen or to answer questions. Her professionalism is welcomed, appreciated and readily put to use in all EVEN activities. Linda is dedicated to veganism, and the compassion associated with it, which she demonstrates in everything she does. We are so grateful to have her involved with EVEN's vegan education and outreach endeavors.

Jeanette is a devoted vegan and long-term EVEN volunteer with a can-do attitude, a big smile and helping hands. Her knowledge of veganism has been extremely useful while tabling and writing for EVEN projects, and her ability to handle long to-do lists is excellent. Along with an MBA, Jeanette brings with her a strong desire to help others, especially the animals, and is dedicated to saving the planet one volunteer hour at a time. Highly effective in all her projects, EVEN is blessed to have her on board.

Monica came to EVEN like a soft summer breeze but immediately evolved into a powerful dynamo for the vegan movement. She has smarts, smiles and a smooth personality that just make you want to hear what she has to say. Ever positive, ever hopeful, ever definite, she has the capacity for hard work as well as the potential to move mountains because she brings her best to all endeavors.

A happy crew of EVEN Volunteers!
Laurie, Monica, Linda, Heidi and Tatum, Jamie, Jay, Hilliard, Robert, Kate, Lin and Stacy.

EVEN Volunteers Linda, Nadine, Paula, JoAnne, Kyrhya, and Nick helped to pull off another successful EVENt! (circa 2006)

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